ur master, stop running around.”

Sanmao nodded, rubbed Mingren’s trouser legs, and disappeared in a flash.
Only then did the others realize that this spiritual beast was not his, and No. 3 showed murderous intent in his eyes. He didn’t regard him as an opponent at all.
“You remember!” No. 2 gave Akito a sharp look and returned to his cave.
Three Hundred and Sixty-six Life Weapon Demon Suppression Tower
/Akito nodded at No. 5, No. 7, and No. 9, smiled and returned to his cave.
However, No. 5, No. 7, and No. 9 did not leave, and they seemed to know each other.
“Did you get any news before you came?”
/“No, there is no news at all. This person should be discovered by accident. It is possible that the sect does not know about it.”
“Haha, what kind of physique is it? It’s really curious.”
“It doesn’t matter what your physique is. Let’s talk about success.”
“No. 5, how is the progress of your weapon soul?”
Number 5 looked at the departing figures of Number 2 and Number 3, and shook his head slightly, “I don’t have a weapon-cultivating soul.”
No. 7 and No. 9 were both stunned, “You want to make a desperate move?”
No. 5 smiled slightly, “If you don’t succeed, you will succeed.”
After saying that, he nodded and returned to his cave.
If a person with the physique of a saint concentrates on cultivating the weapon soul, the success rate is very high, but this will obviously lead to distraction. This is a trade-off.
Ma Tianer’s training is very serious. Such an opportunity is rare for her. On the 36th Hualong Pond, Tian’er did not think about the holy statue, but focused on the cultivation of the weapon soul. She felt that she wanted to We need to cultivate a healing weapon that can help everyone.
This has been Ma Tian’er’s desire for a long time, and it is also in line with her wood-type physique. Although it is not perfect, Tian’er has never slacked off no matter in the Holy Church or the Cultivation Academy. Every time she faces the sprint of cultivation, She has the best mentality.
In Ma Tianer’s life, a shadow is gradually forming. She does not consider herself. This is unbelievable in the world of monks. But Ma Tianer has done it. This probably corresponds to absolute selfishness. The type of profit, the world is so big, weird things can always be born.
The weapon soul looks like a lotus flower. The shape of the weapon soul depends on the body on the one hand and the laws of heaven and earth on the other.
If this trend continues, Ma Tianer’s chances of obtaining the weapon soul are quite high, and here, her life marks are also improving very quickly.
When she was in the Cultivation Academy, she also controlled the levels of life scars to practice in order to hone her spells. But now when she starts to let go of the sprint, the front will be smooth. For her, it will only be encountered after the fortyth level. question.
Of course, the miserable Wang Zhenren is another matter. He has been practicing in seclusion for more than a month, and the effect of Hualong Pond is getting worse and worse. This is proba