on dean. It can be regarded as a small toy. Wang Meng has always been too lazy to use flying magic weapons. One of them is that it flies slowly. In addition, flying consumes energy and is also a kind of practice, and it can be changed freely. But it has to be said that using this The thing is quite comfortable and tight.

While the two were on their way, Wang Meng also wanted to understand the current situation and the situation at Tianxin Castle.
/Great changes have indeed taken place in the past few years. The Eight Great Forts Alliance did not fail because of the disruption. It was finally completed. With the support of the Ten Thousand Demons Cult, Patriarch Tianxin became the leader of the Eight Great Forts.
It is true that it is not easy for the Sifang Xiaoqian Realm to have a sect master who can become an ancestor, but there is a lot of difference in the powerful follow-up levels of Grandmaster and Ancestor, so that the level of the entire Xiaoqian Realm has also been reduced, so the Eight Great Forts came out The prestige of the Tianxin Ancestor would have greatly increased, but in the end, the Eight Great Forts Alliance still did not enter the Star Alliance’s sight and fell short of the mark.
But after all, the Eight Great Fortresses are in the city. Patriarch Tianxin is also a great figure. He has accumulated power in just over a year. The Ten Thousand Demon Sect is so powerful that it is waiting for the moment to launch a war of annihilation against the Holy Church. As a result, Falling short of success.
When the power accumulated to a certain level, it needed to be vented and unable to attack the temple. The Eight Great Forts Alliance began to be less obedient and continued to expand its power.
The current Sifang Xiaoqianjie, the three established sects of Demon Heart Sect, Ba Tiantang, and Shengtang, are relatively restrained, while the Eight Great Fortresses have begun to expand, and Long Xi has always been obsessed with Yang Ying, so he takes desperate risks.
/Listening to Yang Ying’s story, Wang Meng is also combining his own confidence. It seems that the life of the Ten Thousand Demons Sect is indeed not easy, but a skinny camel is bigger than a horse. The Ten Thousand Demons Sect’s power is only frustrated in the Cultivation Academy. The situation in the Yuanjie Killing Space is not known, and it is obviously not enough to damage the bones.
Although the Eight Great Forts Alliance is arrogant, it is not on the stage in essence. It is just fierce. You must know that the main power of the three major sects is in the Great Yuan Realm, which is not comparable to the Eight Great Forts.
Does this mean that there are no tigers and monkeys in the mountains calling themselves kings?
“Wang Meng, are you really sure? Although you are very strong now, the opponent is the Eight Great Fortresses!” Yang Ying was really worried.
Wang Meng smiled and said, “It’s just a Tianxin Castle, don’t worry.”
At this time, Tianxin Fort was being decorated with lanterns and decorations. Long Xi was very happy. The ultim