n always borrow help from heaven in unexpected places.

Forget it, use some means to capture Lu Bei and send them to the Supreme Heaven together with the fragments of the Book of Heaven in his hand.
Out of the chaos, a little inspiration comes into being.
The rolling pressure is like a big wave hitting the sky, sweeping the world with a swallowing force, filling every corner of Wu Si Tian, ??scattering chilling cold murderous intent.
Jing Tianshou held the big seal in his hand, with gray and chaotic billowing behind him. A little spiritual light slowly faded away, turning into a white treasure wheel with a complex composition.
/Heavenly Wheel!
The sky here refers to Wusitian. As the lord of a realm and the head of the female immortals, she controls all the female immortals in Wusitian.
Life and death, actions of will, magical powers and spells
Jing Tianshou knew everything about the female fairy.
For example, Han Suyan and Xie Yunling had no secrets in Jing Tianshou’s eyes. The moment they stepped into Wusitian, the secret inheritance of the two palaces was fully presented in front of Jing Tianshou.
Even because the Tiandao Wheel checked and filled up the gaps, the secret method of the two palaces went a step further. It was used by Jing Tianshou, and its power was far more powerful than the two palace masters who ascended to immortality.
The power was bestowed by Yinglong’s second generation, Shenxuan Zun, and Yinglong almost went to the extreme in terms of tapping the remaining value.
In other words, Lu Bei was fighting not only Jing Tianshou, but also all the female immortals in Wusi Heaven. Excluding the lowest-level immortal body semi-finished products, there were a total of 242 female immortals who had ascended to the Heavenly Palace in the past five thousand years.
Under the wheel of heaven, all living beings are equal.
Lu Bei’s shoulders sank, invisible pressure acted on his whole body, his knees were out of control, and he almost knelt down towards Jing Tianshou.
Han Suyan and Xie Yunling were not so lucky. They did not have the great magical power of the star master to change the sky and change their fate. Secondly, they practiced Shinto. Their names had already been recorded in the Shinto directory. When facing the head of the female fairy, Lei Lei was furious, and their knees weakened and cracked. He immediately fell to his knees on the spot.
“If you want it to be less troublesome for me to kneel down, let me give you a trick. Just come closer and stick your butt up.”
Lu Bei did not forget to take a moment to take a look in his busy schedule, and turned to look at Jing Tianshou. The golden light in his eyes was beating, and the torn sea of ??stars gathered together. The stars resonated to sweep away the cold air, and moved in a mysterious and mysterious trajectory.
The starry sky covers the sky and the sun, and star beams fall down. Although it cannot directly deprive this world, it also puts great pressure on Jing Tianshou, even shocking.
/Where the starry sky exists, the autho