m one by one, he chose the safest one to execute. .

boom! !
Fox Three flew upside down like a cannonball, hit the stone wall in the corner, collapsed and was buried in it, causing spider web cracks to collapse.
“This guy is really a fox. Are you sure he hasn’t hybridized with other species?”
Fox coughed up blood three times in a row, swallowed a bottle of high-grade healing medicine, and recovered from the fractures in both arms immediately.
At this time, a black gold straight knife was pressed against his neck. He was stunned for a second and looked to the side with twitching eyes.
Lu Bei:
You can’t hide the look in someone’s eyes that wants to kill you.
“Brother, what are you doing? Have you forgotten? We are close friends for eight years. We agreed that we should live at the same time and die at the same point. My heart aches from your knife.” Hu San said with a guilty conscience.
He had to feel guilty, selling Lu Bei twice in a row to get the opportunity to sneak attack Zhao Xiayang.
“Haha, chrysanthemums are just trying to have fun when they vent their anger. You have to look at your mouth if you really fart. How can I be qualified to be a sworn sworn brother to Lord Qingwei of Xuanyin Division after I have been promoted to Dou Xiaomin!” Lu Bei gritted his teeth and trembled slightly as he caught it. Blood dripped from Hu San’s chin.
“On another day, I will definitely pray. I have seen it.”
Hu San carefully removed the blade: “Calm down, I am a military attache, and it is against the law to attack people in the court. Forget it this time, but not next time.”
“Stop doing this!”
Lu Bei wiped off the blood on the blade, frowned, and put the knife on Hu San’s neck again: “You are the one who should calm down. Anyone with a discerning eye can see that Leader Zhao won this round. I gave up the dark side and turned to the bright side. I’ll take your dog’s head and find a way to survive.”
“Stop acting. Even if you say so, Zhao won’t let you go.”
Hu San pushed away the blade in front of him again: “Besides, we still don’t know who will win in this round. He is following the path of body cultivation. I am a law cultivator. It is normal for me to be defeated at close range. If you don’t believe me, look at this. I pulled away on purpose.” Now that we have closed the distance, it is easy to kill him.”
“Absolutely true.”
“Okay, I’ll trust you for once.”
Lu Bei put away the knife, wiped off the blood beads on the blade, and nodded with satisfaction.
Sometimes, it is not a good thing to have too high a level of cultivation and squander enough skills to squander it. This is the situation he is in now. He stole Hu San’s skills twice in a row and is still far away from a stable win situation where the level of cultivation level is less than 30%.
At the edge of the formation, Zhao Xiayang raised his hands and laughed loudly, as if he was crazy, as if he had lost his heart.
/The blood connection mechanism was turned on, and the mysterious formation was slowly activated. On the stone carv