Phoenix clan be available? none.

This dialogue was spoken by the two birds in front of Huang Yi, and they almost made the former clan leader angry on the spot.
Rejecting Feng Buzzard’s kindness, Tai Su Leng Bu Ding felt relieved. He didn’t know what to say. He guessed that the bloodline of the Three-Legged Golden Crow could not be dealt with by the Phoenix. Although he coveted the Phoenix’s peach-like mature plump body, he was actually repulsed by it.
“I wonder why Your Majesty visited the Phoenix Clan?”
“You will know if you ask Feng Biao.”
Tai Su waved his hand. Since he had no sleep, his attitude towards Huang Yi was extremely cold. He asked for a quiet room and went to rest alone.
Outside the quiet room, Gu Shu loyally guards the door.
Huang Yi glared at Ni Dan, wishing he could skin him with cramps. Feng Bute probably knew that he was being stupid, but he still frowned and said, “My mother is stupid. Your Majesty is such a genius, why don’t you obey him?”
“Heh, heh, heh.”
Huang Yi’s eyes suddenly gleamed fiercely, wishing he had not shaken the egg into pieces earlier. He raised his hand to explore, grabbed his ear and twisted it several times.
“It’s gone, it’s gone, it’s going to fall off.”
Feng Buzzard’s cultivation strength was already higher than that of Huang Yi, but facing his furious mother, he couldn’t think of any resistance. After crying for his father and calling his mother for a while, he barely calmed down Huang Yi’s anger.
“Why did he come to the Phoenix Clan?”
“Your Majesty has a grand plan of one emperor and eight kings, aiming at the nine bloodlines to forever suppress the destiny of the country of ten thousand monsters.”
“One Emperor”
/“Well, our Phoenix clan is an emperor. Our status is higher than that of the eight kings. We are only under His Majesty.”
Feng Buzzard explained aloud that blowing Taisu is rare in the world and hard to find in the sky. There is only one like this in ancient times.
In some ways, the review is very apt.
Feng Buzzard blew for a long time, and seeing that his mother still had no intention of remarrying, he swallowed and said to himself that he was sad.
Your Majesty is so wise and powerful, is it really true that the Phoenix Clan and the Demon Queen have nothing to do with each other?
Wait a moment, not necessarily!
Feng Buzzard thought of himself. Although he was a leader, he had inherited the bloodline of Huang Yi. The descendants he would give birth to in the future would be more or less similar to Huang Yi. By then,
Feng Buzzard frowned. If he spit out an egg using the ‘Yin-Yang Transformation Technique’, even though he would be considered a descendant of his blood, there would always be a strange feeling of being a clone.
Your Majesty will definitely not be happy.
But if you marry one of your childhood sweethearts, your bloodline will be weakened and it will affect the future of the Phoenix clan, which is even more inappropriate.
For a moment, Feng Yu hesitated and even thought about the name of the child.
/“What do you th