watching with eager eyes, and the slightest move would definitely kill them, so he came up with a plan.

Thousands of demon cultivators surrounded Xueyue City. Xue Zhongnan and others obviously did not expect that this scale obviously exceeded the capabilities of Demon Blade City.
Xue Zhongnan and others led the holy cultivators to float over Xueyue City with solemn expressions. Even with the defensive advantages of Xueyue City, it was still a question whether they could withstand it. The magic cultivators did a very good job of keeping it secret this time.
/The enemies were extremely jealous when they met, and the war broke out almost as soon as they came into contact. The bow cultivator burst out with light that filled the sky, while the master of Dzogchen sat in the center, observing the occupation.
Xueyue City was radiant with light, and the huge defensive formation resisted the demonic cultivator’s bow and arrow attacks. The holy cultivator’s bow cultivator began to bombard the demonic cultivator’s line round after round. As soon as they fought, all the demonic cultivators’ disciples fell.
In the current small thousand worlds, the number of demon cultivators’ disciples has clearly surpassed that of saint cultivators. Now in the killing space and even among the seats of the Star Alliance, the demon cultivators also have the upper hand.
Occupying the defensive advantage of Xueyue City, Xue Zhongnan and others are not happy at all. The previous demon cultivators who sent themselves to death are all cannon fodder. There are currently only more than 3,000 holy cultivators in Xueyue City, and the demon cultivators are several times as many as them. This A small loss is nothing at all.
The bow cultivators fought against each other for a long time. This was a waste of time between the bow cultivators. The battle between the cultivators was also quite brutal. Especially this kind of siege battle, which can be described as a fierce battle.
The bow cultivator had the advantage of the range, and the attack lasted for five hours. When the bow cultivator’s momentum weakened, countless sword cultivators flew up to cover the sky and the sun, and their sword energy soared into the sky.
Xue Zhongnan pulled out the sword in his hand, “Temple disciple, enter!”
In the crowd, Xu Huang drew his sword, flew into the air, and killed the oncoming army of demon cultivators.
After several years of experience in Killing Space, Xu Huang has broken through the fiftieth level of Yuanli and became a fierce general in the temple.
Countless sword energy came towards them, and a group of sword cultivators fell instantly. Whether it was a magical weapon or a defensive formation, there was almost no resistance to the attack of such a group.
If the sect masters want to confront each other, there are thirteen people on the demon cultivator side and seven on the holy cultivator side, almost two to one. When it comes to Dzogchen, the battles between the sect masters can sometimes last for months without necessarily determining the winner. , b