Jing Mengwu didn’t recognize Fengdu Black Law, and he couldn’t estimate Lu Xi’s cultivation. He only knew that the other party was as high as the sky, and his majestic figure could only be looked up at, and was definitely not comparable to that of a small immortal.
At this time, Jing Mengwu was complaining, but she was just an ordinary immortal. She and her three apprentices could probably reach a higher level.
It would be difficult for such a high-ranking god in the immortal world to get him to bend down and take a look at her.
/The free gift belongs to yes.
Jing Mengwu thought too much. Whether it was her, Shang Gong Jixian, Lonely Huai, Gongsun Feng, or the senior sisters from Ciyuan Sword Sect, they all had a bad relationship with Lu Xi in their previous life, which was constantly being resolved and turned into chaos.
The reason why Lu Xi was thrown into reincarnation and the ninth life could return to his place was because they interfered with the order of reincarnation in the underworld.
Lu Xi had already noticed the great beauty sect leader beside him. Several senior sisters were still senior sisters. The identities of Shang Gong Jixian, Lonely Huai, Gongsun Feng and Jing Mengwu were all confused.
In the previous life, Shang Gong was Lu Xi’s master, Lonely was his uncle, Gongsun was his master, and Jing was his grand master.
Because of the order of being relegated to reincarnation, three generations of masters and apprentices became two generations of masters and apprentices, which is not good.
It’s not as exciting as before.
But it’s worth supporting everyone to restore factory settings.
Emperor Ziwei, what a good man!
Lu Xi renewed his bad fate and said he would never let go of these wings. He was thinking of holding a silver party to celebrate his escape from the suffering of reincarnation.
Punish them severely by the way.
If it weren’t for you witches who don’t work with your salary, seducing the emperor and disrupting the order of the underworld all day long, how could the emperor fall into reincarnation and become the laughing stock of the three realms!
At the moment, there is a very practical question before us: Should we continue reincarnation, or should we jump out of reincarnation and pretend that the nine lifetimes of punishment are complete?
It doesn’t take much thinking, it must be an escape from reincarnation.
/Brother Bei loves him so much that he will pretend not to know even if he knows.
[you are dead]
It seems that Brother Bei is serious about it this time and will not give up until he has been reincarnated for nine lifetimes.
Lunchai, everything is difficult at the beginning. As long as he successfully retrieves mana once, the next eight times will be easy to operate.
For example, the beautiful sect master lying obediently in front of him would plow the fields in the spring and harvest in the autumn. In a few years, he would use her as his belly to be reborn. In another eighteen or sixteen years, he would use her as his belly to be reborn.
It’s just nine reincarnat