joy and muttered, “Wonderful, wonderful, this is interesting, so that’s how it is!”

He suddenly turned back to look at Wang Meng, “Why do you have this natal fire? This is only for alchemy cultivators!”
Wang Meng shrugged, “I have fire in my five elements. It would be convenient to raise some natal fire for barbecue.”
Zhou Feng rolled his eyes and said, “You are going to piss off so many alchemists that you are cultivating your natal fire just for the sake of barbecue!”
/The natal fire is the basis of alchemy practice. Practitioners must have fire in the five elements before they can practice. Hu Jing also has natal fire.
/Seeing that Wang Meng ignored him, Zhou Feng continued to encourage, “With your talent, join the alchemy cultivator. I will directly recommend you to the sect of Patriarch Zhou, and we can all be brothers!”
During his contact with Wang Meng, Zhou Feng found that this kid knew a little bit about everything and was quite knowledgeable, some of which he didn’t even know. According to Wang Meng, a neurotic old man selling wild medicine told him, and He also encouraged him to become an alchemist, but Wang Meng was determined to become a swordsman and refused to agree, so the old man disappeared mysteriously.
In Zhou Feng’s view, the old man may be a reclusive senior who is no less than his master Zhou Luodan. Heroes have similar views. This boy Wang Meng is very suitable for alchemy cultivation. There is fire in the five elements. He can cultivate the natal elixir fire with just a few twists. , coupled with the foundation of that senior’s teaching, do you want to practice alchemy?
Isn’t Jinlin just a thing in the pond? It turns into a dragon when it encounters a storm!
However, this boy is just as smelly and hard as the stones in the pit. He can’t do anything but practice swordsmanship. Xu Huang has already left, so why bother?
Seeing that Zhou Feng was going to be wordy again, Wang Meng stood up quickly and said, “I’m going to practice. If you don’t want to drink, I will help you solve it. It’s the reward for today’s guidance, so you don’t have to thank me.”
Wang Meng was not polite and took it away without waiting for Zhou Feng to reply. Anyway, Dan Xiu was not short of gifts.
Because the news of Zhou Feng’s arrival gradually spread, it was obviously not easy to visit when he was in the main hall, but now there are more opportunities like this, and there are obviously many gifts. Zhou Feng doesn’t bother to pay attention at all, and takes advantage of Wang Meng.
Zhou Feng smiled bitterly. The disguise on the outside of the elixir must have been done by Lu Yun. He was too slow in thinking in this regard. He wasted so much time and was not as clever as this kid. When he thought of this, Zhou Feng’s heart became even more itchy. ***, as long as the iron pestle can be ground into a needle with deep kung fu, when he hits a wall in sword cultivation, he will definitely think of how good alchemy cultivation is.
Zhou Feng suddenly laughed, “I’m really a genius.”
The hall war is over, but the im