eling was indeed uncomfortable, and the fire poison was refining the body, and it was indeed painful.

Although Wang Meng’s will was very firm, the discomfort was uncomfortable, but suddenly, the fire poison was reduced a lot, and the feeling of leeches drilling into the flesh was relieved. Wang Meng couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.
Ma Tianer’s face was flushed and she was biting her teeth. When she saw Wang Meng’s painful expression relieved, Ma Tianer had a faint smile on her face, and suddenly she felt that the pain in her body was no longer so painful.
/The fire poison’s thirst for wood elemental power was obviously stronger, and it gradually passed from Wang Meng’s body to Ma Tian’er’s body. It didn’t take long for Ma Tian’er to feel dizzy and fainted.
The fire poison’s damage to the wood-type physique was much stronger than that of Wang Meng, and the pain was also more intense.
/Wang Meng began to gradually take the initiative by running the Five Elements **, refining the fire poison in his body, and one-fifth of the third stage of his Five Elements ** was completed.
After a long time, Wang Meng’s body suddenly shook. The red light burst out and then shrank back into his body. After turning several times, Wang Meng opened his eyes.
He took a deep breath and felt refreshed all over his body. Thinking about it, he was really lucky this time. It was a blessing in disguise. The Five Elements ** became more and more difficult to practice as he progressed. Wang Meng expected that it would take more than a year, but he didn’t expect this. Not long after practicing, the Fire Jade Jue has been completed and a breakthrough has been found. Wang Meng also has the skills to practice. By sorting the five elements, he will get twice the result with half the effort.
Suddenly I felt like there was something pressing on my body.
The charming Ma Tian’er was lying on top of him. Wang Meng was startled and quickly helped Ma Tian’er up. As soon as he reached his hand, he felt something was wrong.
“You fainted, you stupid girl, why did you come here?”
As soon as he saw Ma Tian’er’s condition, Wang Meng knew what was going on. This girl was really stupid to a certain extent. No one with a wood-type physique could cause fire poison to her body.
At this time, in Ma Tian’er’s body, the wood element force is desperately resisting the invasion of fire poison. However, the fire poison can swallow the wood element force to strengthen itself, and Ma Tian’er’s element force is losing ground.
Wang Meng didn’t dare to stop, he straightened Ma Tian’er, circulated the Five Elements Body, and input Yuanli from afar. Although he was a Five Elements Body, his Five Elements Wood was definitely not as attractive to fire poison as the pure Ma Tian’er, and it also attracted fire. It is difficult to use this upper body move, so you can only use the water of the Five Elements to extinguish the fire and help Ma Tianer resist.
“Tian’er, cheer up and act with me!”
Wang Meng’s voice sounded in Ma Tian’er’s heart. Although the person was