hi Ying smiled and said that if a person attaches too much importance to friendship, it will become a weakness. He will never leave Hu Jing alone.

“Then let me meet Wang Meng, one of the four great masters of the Star Alliance!”
Chi Huang said, his eyes full of fighting spirit and murderous intent. Killing Wang Meng would kill two birds with one stone. On the one hand, he could save Chi Qing, and on the other hand, he could expand his prestige.
Chi Zhu and Chi Zhe frowned, but Chi Ying smiled, “I’m afraid we really have to trouble Third Brother to take action. This Wang Meng may be the strongest among the four masters, and he even has power that we don’t know about.”
“Little sister, don’t let other people’s ambitions destroy your own prestige. Isn’t your shadow demon still unable to deal with a mere Wang Meng?” Chi Zhe said.
“Haha, second brother, if we want to deal with Wang Meng and rescue the fourth sister, we need third brother and Shadow Demon to go out together. This kind of person will run away even if he can’t be beaten. He only has one chance.”
Chi Ying said, “The Green Demon Army can be rebuilt. As long as Wang Meng is killed, it will be done.”
Chi Zhe rolled his eyes and said, “I still have another skill here. We might as well choose a place on our territory to ambush Wang Meng while spreading the news of his capture. Our troops will attack the Burning Fortress at the same time!”
“Second brother has a great idea, but if you are captured, you will die in battle. People like Wang Meng will never be captured alive. Only death is credible!”
/Chi Ying added.
Chi Zhu’s eyes also shone, “Very good, little sister, all the newly formed legions will be under your command!”
Chi Ying smiled slightly and said, “I’m willing to help!”
Among the four younger siblings, Chi Zhu still trusts Chi Ying more. Her weakness and age make her the least threat to him.
Chi Huang calmed down. The destruction of a legion was nothing. What was important was that he could save his sister.
This Wang Meng is really a character, he can turn defeat into victory under such adversity. Originally, Chi Huang was most interested in Mingren, but now he feels that this Wang Meng is more interesting.
Only by killing Wang Meng can the title of Demon Clan’s number one master be confirmed. Who can take the position of Demon Lord is still unknown.
Two huge victories swept away the haze that was weighing on the heads of the Little Thousand Realm monks. It seemed that victory had never been so close as at this moment.
After Zhang Xiaojiang returned, Burning Fortress also had a backbone, and it began to be reorganized and divided after the war.
Although there is news of a great victory here, the situation in the Demon Sealing Array in the Pure Land is not very good. The resistance of the demons is not generally strong. Instead of getting better, the Demon Sealing Array has worsened. Once the seal is further sealed, If it is destroyed, more terrifying monsters will be summoned by the demons.
The situation of the war will further deteriorat