ect. It cannot be used against masters, but it is accurate to deal with these young and vigorous disciples.

But this time Cheng Lili actually capsized in the gutter. The strong physique actually showed a look of disgust, while the other one showed no reaction at all. Are these two men?
Of course Suo Ming hates it. Charming is an instinct to expand. Suo Ming already hates it, but now he hates it even more. He just needs to take out the hammer.
“Girl, do you have any other advice?” Wang Meng smiled. He didn’t know what the name of Xiaoqian World was now.
Chapter 66 Loli is fierce
“Haha, I don’t have any advice. I just want to make friends with you.” Cheng Lili smiled and started to get closer. The boy who spoke was not very powerful, but he had a kind of charm. He was more powerful than those pretty boys from demon cultivators. .
“Suoming, does she want to be friends with you?” Wang Meng said seriously.
Suoming’s head shook like a rattle.
“You see my friend is not interested.”
“He can leave, but if you stay, I’m interested in you!” Cheng Lili said with a smile, and her clothes were deliberately slanted downwards to show off her talent.
Wang Meng couldn’t help but feel the urge to vomit. The art of tonic, also known as yin and yang art, has no evil laws except evil people. It was originally used by practicing immortal couples. It was once so powerful back then, but now it has degenerated into this. .
“Auntie, stop selling old meat, he has no interest in you!”
A crisp voice sounded, and a pretty figure appeared. It was Zhao Lingxuan whom she hadn’t seen for a long time.
Wang Meng almost laughed out loud. This little girl was really damaged.
Cheng Lili’s face immediately became as cloudy as rain, “You little girl with sharp teeth, you are looking for death!”
Rub rub rub rub
Four bursting fire talismans were blasted out in a ruthless manner. The energy of this shot was at least twenty levels above.
Zhao Lingxuan didn’t even look at it. The little spirit on her shoulder flew up and instantly transformed into a fighting state. Jiutian Huoluan opened her mouth and quickly swallowed the four bursting fire talismans, smacking her lips.
Zhao Lingxuan on the side was very dissatisfied, “Xiao Ling, how could you eat such dirty food? You’re going to vomit.”
/Jiutian Huoluan raised his head, and blazing flames burst out, mixed with the sound of explosions.
Cheng Lili had tried her best to dodge, but she was still hit by the flames. She was immediately embarrassed, and her black tights were torn one after another.
“Little girl, you”
“Get out of here, you are so shameless. If you keep talking nonsense, I will let Xiao Ling burn you clean!”
Zhao Lingxuan said, it is really embarrassing for women.
Cheng Lili gritted her teeth. When she saw Jiutian Huoluan, she knew she had met someone she couldn’t afford to offend, “Just remember it!”
“Get out of here!” Suo Ming shouted. It seemed that he was still very afraid of witches and so on.
“What a coincidence, senior brother, we meet again!” After the female demon culti