tened their swords, as if they could find a sense of security.

“Although there is some yin energy, there should be no other ghosts!”
Zhang Jian smiled a little.
Although there does not seem to be any sinister spirit or evil spirit in the tomb, there are traps and poisonous gas traps. Zhang Kui and others still keep their spirits up to avoid unnecessary damage.
As for Zhang Jian and Zhang Kui, they quickly found the main target of their group.
An ear room next to the main tomb is filled with wooden boxes of gold and silver made into ingots. From a distance, there are at least hundreds of thousands of taels.
In addition, there are some pearls, jade, white jade, and antiques preserved in special ways.
“Only this many points?”
However, Zhang Jian and Zhang Kui were both a little surprised after seeing it.
It’s not that there’s more, it’s that there’s less.
King Mian is a dignified king of the vassals of the land, and can be said to be the king of the fiefdom. This amount of gold and silver may seem considerable, but in fact it is not much.
For example, every wealthy family today has a big business and many ways to make money.
Not to mention that white jade is like gold and gold, and pearls are like earth and gold are like iron, but they are not far behind.
Hundreds of thousands of taels of gold and silver are only a little better than some wealthy families.
This is very inconsistent with the description of King Mian in the rumors.
After thinking about it, Zhang Jian nodded and said: “It’s not bad. This sum of gold and silver can solve an urgent need in a short period of time and make up for the hole caused by the Zhang family’s rapid expansion and lack of financial resources!”
“Fourth uncle, there are many jades and antiques here. Please help me pick out some of the valuable ones and send someone to accompany them to the county. My grandfather will be very ‘happy’!”
Zhang Kui’s eyes were a little strange.
He nodded immediately.
Just looking at the gold and silver treasures piled up in the ear room, I was still very excited.
If the Zhang family wants to stand firm and make a difference in troubled times, or to take the Zhang family a step further, it is impossible without financial resources.
And with the subsequent discovery in the second ear chamber, Zhang Jian could immediately understand why King Mian, a famous ancient prince, was so ‘poor’!
It was a huge alchemy furnace.
/As long as it has something to do with burning lead and smelting mercury, this thing is like burning money.
It can be said that you spend money practicing Qigong!
“This big cauldron looks good, we will transport it back together later!”
Zhang Jian could tell that the cauldron looked a bit clumsy, maybe it was a good thing, and adhering to the idea of ??killing the wrongdoer and not letting it go, he immediately asked people to remember it and carry it back together.
Looking at this scene, Zhang Kui’s mouth twitched slightly. It was not easy to carry back such a large cauldron weighing several thousand kilograms. It would ta