and the rotating magic circle suddenly shone with light.

The surging Yuan Power blasted out again, this time directly blasting Tianlong out.
At this time, Ling Fei’s hand struck the void seven times in a row. The seven light points did not disappear. Instead, they shone brightly, instantly forming seven magic circles that looked after each other.
Showing the arrangement of the Big Dipper.
Boom boom boom
The rotating magic circle blasted out one after another power towards Tianlong. Tianlong’s figure disappeared instantly, but the seven rays of light were not confused by the power and turned into a beautiful arc like a fairy scattering flowers towards the void to surround it.
rumble rumble
Tianlong’s figure was blasted out, and he did not hide this time.
The sound of explosions was endless, and Yuanli filled the air. After everything calmed down, Tianlong with his arms folded was revealed.
Tianlong licked his lips and showed an extremely excited smile, “Interesting, such interesting power!”
/Everyone was dumbfounded. They had completely withstood such a terrifying power and still seemed to be fine. Is the dragon’s body really so indestructible?
Tianlong’s figure disappeared in a flash, and he attacked Ling Fei again. Ling Fei took his time, pointed out his jade hand, and the formation exploded.
This unparalleled talisman cultivating technique will definitely become the signature of future talisman cultivators, and has already mesmerized countless talisman cultivators.
But Tianlong’s figure disappeared in a flash, without attacking, he changed his position!
Five hundred and sixteen
Ling Fei was also dissatisfied with his speed, and fired out another formation. Suddenly he saw the constant banging of the fighting platform, but could not see the figure of Tianlong, and circular formations exploded one after another in the void, but No attack was issued.
This is a confrontation between the two sides. After several battles, Tianlong already knows that Ling Fei’s special talisman formation integrates offense and defense. As long as the circular formation is opened, it can withstand attacks. Once it catches the opponent, it can blast out a strong attack.
But this requires catching the opponent.
The dragon clan is at full speed, can they keep up? !
The power of the dragons not only comes from their own strength, but also their strong insight and cracking power. If there is no perfect power in this world, there must be flaws that the dragons can seize.
Constant flashing, constant high-speed changes, this is the rhythm of Tianlong!
Ling Fei must keep up and must keep making formations, otherwise she will face Tianlong’s ready attack.
This was the first time they fought, and Tianlong had already found the flaw in this talisman repair spell.
This was a great torment for both parties. Ling Fei didn’t dare to bet that if she didn’t use the formation, Tianlong’s attack would probably come immediately. Her body was not as strong as the dragon’s.
But if this stalemate continues, problems will occur sooner