In fact, he was familiar with them all. He was specialized in the art and he was the unique king in the field of wine.

Dionysus looked at Wang Meng and rubbed his nose, “Where is my opponent?”
Wang Meng smiled, “Wang Meng, so fierce.”
The God of Bacchus looked at Wang Meng, “Did you make this wine?”
“It’s me. It’s my honor to be able to discuss wine skills with my seniors.” Wang Meng said with a smile.
/There was an uproar outside the venue. This was a joke. Everyone knew who Wang Rencai was, and now he actually wanted to have a drinking contest with the God of Bacchus. It was simply a fantasy.
This guy didn’t know where he bought the wine and he was pretending to be here to try to impress others. He was really desperate.
The Fire Emperor and others were also a little tempted. Apparently they all thought there was a winemaker behind Wang Meng.
“It doesn’t matter, it’s the same for everyone. What I’m fighting is wine, how can I compare it?” The God of Dionysus is very indifferent. It’s rare to meet an opponent. It doesn’t matter whether the opponent appears or not, but the wine will definitely appear.
“How about three bowls?” Wang Meng said.
The God of Wine was slightly startled, “Okay, just three bowls.”
“Then I’ll start the conversation. The first bowl is old wine, something basic.”
As he said this, a jar appeared in Wang Meng’s hand, with the word “drunkard” written in it.
There were five more bowls in front of the five people. The moment they were opened, the aroma overflowed, and the mellow wine was even more crystal clear and bright under the light.
Many of the people present are veterans, and they can make a rough judgment as soon as they open the seal.
Wang Meng poured the wine for the five people, and then stood aside with a smile. At this time, there was a sound of swallowing in the audience, while Zhan Yingluo and others watched nervously. Confidence returned to faith, but facing the Dionysian, this point Faith is nothing short of bold.
Mo Chengkong and others were also in the crowd, waiting to see Wang Meng’s joke. To be precise, Wang Meng would definitely be embarrassed this time.
The Fire Emperor and Water Emperor were both massive, so they rushed in at once, while Ji Xuanyuan, Han Chuxue, and Yan Luoqi savored it carefully.
Different ways of drinking, different experiences.
Everyone looked at the five people. It didn’t take long for them to show a satisfied expression on their faces. Although Han Chuxue only tasted it briefly, she also realized the feeling of the wine.
Although the five people showed their expressions, they did not say anything more. Just talking about the wine, there is no doubt that it is a good wine, but it can only be said after comparing it with the God of Wine.
The Dionysian’s nose twitched a few times, “It’s a hundred years old, which is interesting. My little friend, although your wine is good, it’s a bit rushed.”
The bowls were changed, and the wine god’s gourd was taken down. As soon as he opened his mouth, there was also a boiling aroma, but it seemed mor