el, it is enough to return to nature, and it is only suitable to use it on Guang Ling. The Immortal Group of Time will not be surprised. They and the Dead Group also know everything about it.

Wang Meng is too young. No matter what kind of power he has gained, it would be too naive to think that mastering the laws of space will make him invincible.
As soon as Wang Meng landed on the ground, he fought back with a smile and punched out. The attack was ordinary, but when the wind of the punch came out, the true energy suddenly rushed out like a mountain and a tsunami.
The real energy is just a driving force, but the terrifying thing is the space tearing contained in this punch, which is the most commonly used strangulation!
This is something that physical strength cannot resist.
The boss of the dead group really had no intention of evading, and was completely hit by Wang Meng’s punch.
The power of space laws.
The figure under the black robe was confused for a while, but after the strength passed, it returned to normal.
Wang Meng was delighted. The punch was strong and the power of the law was applied, but it was resolved by the opponent.
As long as the critical point of death is not reached, it will be of no use to the leader of the dead group in front of him. Instead, it can help him understand the law.
This is similar to Ma Tianer’s just now, but more calm and natural.
“This rule is quite good.”
When the hem of the black robe calmed down, Guang Ling also raised his head, his dark eyes flashing with green flames.
The slightly pale hand stretched out again.
rumble rumble
/Visible to the naked eye, the space was cut layer by layer, moving towards Wang Meng.
It’s just different from Wang Meng’s. There is a black hollow in the core of this space cutting.
Here lies the order of death.
“The easy combination shows the basic skills. Both death and life can be used as the foundation for inheriting the law. It is really amazing.” Wu Huo said.
“But that doesn’t mean Wang Meng can do it. Although the law of space is a basic law, everyone is already used to its power.”
Hong Tian revealed the secret with one word.
As a basic power, the law of space is very high-end, but the problem is that many spells and exercises have been involved. Each sect has similar moves, which can be achieved through various exercises. As a monk, if If you have never experienced this before, you are too ignorant. However, monks like Taboo-level monks have experienced hundreds of battles and are familiar with the changes in space.
This is also the characteristic of human monks, their strong adaptability.
It’s not that the laws of space are not strong, it’s that everyone has experienced too much and there are no secrets anymore.
And like the Law of Death, it is extremely rare, the same high-end, but different power.
Nine Hundred and Ten The Eternity of Death
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