g Yu’s voice was calm, but the threat in his words made Venerable Buxiu feel chilly in his heart.

“The person who broke my artifact was not Lin Jinghao, but someone else.”
“Oh?” Zong Yu’s eyes moved slightly, indicating to Venerable Buxiu to continue speaking, with a condescending attitude.
Lord Buxiu lowered his head, not daring to let others see the resentment in his eyes, so he recounted the situation of the battle with Li Tianyi.
“A sword?”
“Yes, it only took one sword to destroy my Hongfa Blazing Sun Icon.”
“Who is this person?” Zong Yu showed interest in his eyes.
“This person claims to be Holy Church Li Tianyi.”
“Haha, I heard that Venerable Buxiu’s tracking ability ranks among the top ten in the entire universe. Why don’t you, Venerable, lead the way for me?”
“This” Venerable Buxiu is beating the drum in his heart, Qixin Sect has a bad reputation, and cooperating with Qixin Sect is more terrifying than seeking skin from a tiger.
“What? Don’t you want revenge, Your Majesty?”
Jinchuan Lingyuan, here is an endless grassland, with wisps of golden brilliance in the vast land.
These golden lights are from a kind of grass called Jinchuan. Jinchuan Lingyuan is named after this grass. Jinchuan grass is an excellent material for making elixirs and neutralizing medicinal properties.
However, at a glance, it seems that everywhere is glowing with golden light. In fact, it is not easy to find these hot Jinchuan grasses. Those golden lights are the disguise of these Jinchuan grasses. Most of the time, if you follow the golden light, you will only find it. Return without work.
Hu Jing is an exception here.
Every time I pull it out, I don’t know how many handfuls of Jinchuan grass it is.
This made the monk Xu Lejia who was leading the way speechless. Miracle, this is really a miracle.
Hu Jing glanced at Xu Lejia who was shouting. In fact, she didn’t need any guidance. However, before entering Jinchuan Lingyuan, she managed to save Xu Lejia from a group of vicious monks. After he came out, Xu Lejia insisted on repaying Hu Jing by leading the way to Jinchuan Lingyuan.
According to Xu Lejia, the reason why he got into trouble before was because he was good at finding Jinchuan grass and had a set of skills. The other party wanted to take away his skills.
/Obviously Xu Lejia thought that Hu Jing came here to look for Jinchuan grass. There were many monks who came to Jinchuan Lingyuan because of Jinchuan grass.
As they traveled farther and farther, when Hu Jing was bored, she pulled out some Jinchuan grass and played with it. She thought that this kind of alchemy material might be useful to Wang Meng when he came.
Gradually, Xu Lejia turned a blind eye. What else could he do? His little secret method of finding gold could not repay the kindness of others for saving him.
Xu Lejia is a single-minded person, why should he repay a favor? He couldn’t do such a shameless thing.
However, being idle all the time made Xu Lejia a little frustrated. What kind of repayment was he doing?
“Fairy, have you heard of the Tem