thing inappropriate, I am willing to be punished, but people like Ma Wanliang cannot disturb Wang Meng!”

Zhou Feng said that he didn’t care about any interests at all, and he couldn’t let Ma Wanliang succeed anyway.
Ma Hezi was so angry, “Listen, listen, what is this!”
“Master, it’s all the disciples who are wrong. The disciple really never thought about inducing Wang Meng. He just wanted to care about him. After all, he is a talent that the ancestors value. In the future, the disciple”
Ma Wanliang’s eyes were all red, and he barely had to squeeze out a few tears.
“It’s noisy, noisy, can something big like this change the world!”
I heard Lei Lei’s roar from a long way away. They were all familiar with Lei Lei’s character and could tell that he was in a hurry.
Thunder’s face was indeed a little red when he came in.
“Master, no, the thing is” Ma Wanliang explained quickly.
Lei Lei didn’t have the patience and waved his hand, “Ma Wanliang, I know all about your information. For Ma Hezi’s sake, I don’t want to argue with you. Stop whining here and stay alone!”
The thunder came up with a barrage of artillery fire, which made Ma Wanliang’s face turn red and he said, “Yeah, yeah, it’s not true even if I don’t say it.”
Even when beating a dog, it depends on the owner. Ma Hezi’s face didn’t look good either, but there was nothing he could do. Among the Sixth Patriarchs, only Lei Ting dared to do this.
Without desire, one is strong.
Lei Lei is alone, what does he care about? He is the weakest, but everyone has to give him some face.
One hundred and forty-five twists and turns
Ma Hezi smiled and said, “Wan Liang, Senior Brother Lei is scolding you just to teach you, why don’t you thank me.
Ma Wanliang quickly bowed and said, “Disciple, I thank my ancestor for his teachings.”
Lei Lei was too lazy to pay attention to such a villain, “Zhou Feng, go on your way, I will be annoyed when I see you!”
These words were less angry. Obviously Lei Lei was also dissatisfied with Zhou Feng poaching him.
“Haha, Senior Brother Lei, it’s just you. Now that everyone is here, we can talk about business.”
Li Xiuwen interrupted the conversation. It was obvious that there was no need to dwell on this matter and ruin the harmony.
“Go on, you guys talk first. After that, I have something to say!” Lei Lei said.
“Haha, Senior Brother Lei, you really have to make the decision on this matter. It is about Wang Meng, a disciple of your Lei Guangtang.”
Ma Hezi said immediately before Zhou Luodan spoke.
As soon as these words came out, Zhou Feng’s expression immediately changed. He was so damn insidious. He immediately determined that the nature of the matter was within Lei Guangtang.
/“Oh, it’s that boy Wang Meng. Okay, tell me what you want to do!”
The thunder did not change color, but the more it looked like this, the more it showed that the thunderstorm was suppressing the fire.
Li Xiuwen glanced at Zhou Luodan. After Ma Hezi said this, it was not suitable for Zhou Luodan to speak.
“The thing is like this. Recently, Wang Meng cre