nto functions.

Occasionally, some evolved temples can also assist in the practice of various Shinto techniques.
But there are exceptions.
For example, the old dragon king in front of him directly evolved the god into a single thunder ocean.
/Turn into a thunder pool!
The killing ability will be reflected to the greatest extent.
Both have their pros and cons.
Zhang Jian was also taking the opportunity to communicate with the Demon-Slaying Lord at this time.
“Master, you said before that this old Lord Long has some benefits here, but I don’t know what the benefits are?”
The Demon-Slaying Lord said calmly upon hearing this.
“You’re such a snobby little bastard!”
Hearing this, Zhang Jian had a different opinion: “Master, you can’t say that. Look at my thin arms and legs. If I intervene in the fight between Yin Shen Lords like this, am I taking a huge risk? Mr. Long is not familiar with me, so he must be planning something!”
Hearing this, the Demon-Slaying Lord did not comment, but said lightly.
“Did you choose the Qianyuan Golden Cauldron as your natal magic weapon?”
Upon hearing this, Zhang Jian immediately realized something and replied: “Master, this is indeed the case!”
Demon-Slaying True Monarch said: “Taking the tripod as the natal magic weapon, most of them are ambitious and intend to get involved in the mountains and rivers of the country. I know what your kid’s idea is. And the Qianyuan Golden Cauldron itself is imitated by the ancestor’s king tripod of the country. Since the refining is the King of Sheji’s Cauldron, if you want to continuously improve the magic weapon, you naturally need to rely on the aura of Shanhe Sheji!”
“If Old Lord Long asks you what you want in return later, just tell him that you just need to borrow the fragment of the ancient mountain and river map in his warehouse for a look!”
“Ancient mountain and river map?”
Zhang Jian was stunned.
Demon-Slaying True Monarch then gave guidance: “Collecting the spiritual charm of mountains and rivers, you occupy the position of the mountains and rivers, gather the luck and turn it into spiritual charm to temper the cauldron, there is also another way, which can directly understand the ancient maps of mountains and rivers. Understand its form and spirit, and imprint it on the Qianyuan golden tripod!”
“The ancient sages measured the mountains and rivers and gathered the appearance of the Chinese state into them. It has both form and spirit. If you get it, you can also condense the essence of the mountains and rivers. This is also a quick way!”
“However, this ancient map of mountains and rivers has gone through the vicissitudes of time. It has been snatched from different hands several times and has become broken. How much you can understand from these fragments depends on your own ability. If you can condense the map of mountains and rivers in advance and gather it on the Qianyuan Golden Cauldron, no matter It is not difficult to say that in the future you can directly condense the foundation of your soul and achieve the foundation