ch?” Fang Luffy asked worriedly.

Except for Yao Yuan, everyone else is obviously aware of the seriousness of the problem.
Song Zhong was silent for a while and shook his head, “You can pretend you didn’t see what happened today. You know the character of Grandmaster Zhao.”
/Everyone looked at each other and nodded silently.
Seeing is also a sin, so the best way is to pretend not to know and let nature take its course.
Since the relationship between Wang Meng and Yang Ying was made public, Ma Tian’er has indeed not looked for Wang Meng again, and she has gradually come out of her sadness and gradually returned to the enthusiastic Ma Tian’er.
Zhang Xiaojiang’s special practice is not easy at all. Hu Jing is the most serious here. No gossip can affect her determination. She and Zhou Qian both follow the Hundred Talisman Butterfly Style of the Holy Church, but their performance is different. It’s a bit different, like Hu Jing is soft yet strong, while Zhou Qian is hard yet soft, and the two are fighting together.
Although Ma Tian’er participated in the practice, her progress was not as fast as the two of them. Zhao Ya thought it was normal. Zhao Ya would not interfere too much with the children of the Ma family. This was also an unspoken rule between the families.
Identity and status must be given, and you only need to be responsible for guiding the practice. As for the progress and specific direction, the elders of the family have to worry about it.
After a while of fighting, Zhou Qian was beaten to a pulp again, “Sister, practice, it’s just practice. Don’t be so serious, save your strength, we will fight again later.”
Hu Jing smiled slightly and said, “How can you achieve the effect of practicing by saving your strength? Don’t be polite. You must use your full strength next time.”
Zhou Qian felt helpless. He had the explosive combination, but Hu Jing had the terrible water and fire combination, so he couldn’t handle it.
But what impressed Zhou Qian most was Hu Jing’s concentration, which could be described as being without distractions.
The other group, Ma Tianer and Liu Mei, fought more gently. That was a competition.
In order to deal with Zhang Xiaojiang, Elder Wan also had to use some despicable methods, and got Liu Mei’s cooperation. For example, if he could not complete the practice task within the specified time, he would be isolated from Liu Mei for ten days. For Xiaopang, it would undoubtedly cost him his life.
The freest among everyone is Suo Ming. Wang Bodang doesn’t have to worry about Suo Ming’s efforts at all. Instead, Suo Ming asks for more training. Wang Bodang considers not to waste Suo Ming’s training. The Holy Light Bears the Jingliu is simply for the sake of it. He tailor-made it, maybe his talent is not the best, but the fusion of Holy Light and him can become the best.
What’s the best? Suitability is the best!
Therefore, Wang Bodang asked Suo Ming to practice forging from time to time, so that he could learn on the one hand, and on the other hand, he could meditate and take a rest.