things. It’s just a man’s instinct and precocious accumulation. It quickly became familiar.

At least it’s more than enough to deal with Yang Ying.
Silence is better than sound at this time.
Wang Meng suddenly realized why he was so stupid before. Under the influence of Mo Shan, he almost became a bachelor for the rest of his life. Isn’t this kind of life incomplete? Even if life is incomplete, what is wrong with it?
Yang Ying could feel the man’s hands becoming more and more domineering. She wanted to resist, but she couldn’t do it at all.
/“Wang Meng, it’s too fast, I…I’m not ready yet, woo”
It has to be said that Wang Meng didn’t realize it as early as Zhang Xiaopang. Fatty knew very early that beauty and spiritual practice are two equally important events in life.
Wang Meng kissed Yang Ying’s red lips, and then slowly moved down to the white jade neck. Yang Ying’s little struggle disappeared. It was already like this. He was the person he recognized. He could do whatever he wanted. Bar.
Yang Ying took a deep look at Wang Meng, closed her eyes, and released her hand holding Wang Meng. Wang Meng slipped in along the seam of his clothes.
It’s just that Wang Meng didn’t make any more moves. It wasn’t because he didn’t want to. Yang Ying with her eyes slightly closed was so beautiful. She was a natural beauty. Why hadn’t he noticed it before?
Thinking about it, Wang Meng admired himself very much. His determination was much stronger than that of the legendary Liu Xiahui.
Yang Ying was also nervous, why was this man silent? She opened her eyes slightly, but found that he was staring directly at her.
The two of them just looked at each other quietly, getting closer and closer, getting closer and closer.
The moon in the sky couldn’t stand anymore, and a dark cloud covered itself.
Time seemed to be running like water. There was a dry cough outside. Wang Meng and Yang Ying suddenly woke up.
Even though Wang Meng’s face was hard-earned, he couldn’t help but blush a little. Yang Ying was arranging her clothes in a hurry, and both of them lost track of time without knowing it.
/It took a while before Zhou Feng appeared. Elder Zhou had come from before. As a young man, it was normal for him to lose track of time because he was a prostitute and was passionate about love and adultery. However, he was also hungry.
“It seems that you two are making good progress. It’s very good. I have some humanity and have prepared food for you. Do you want to have some wine to celebrate?”
Zhou Feng said with a smile, his eyes swept back and forth between Yang Ying and Wang Meng. The joy in his heart was partly because he was happy, but partly because he took the opportunity to tease Wang Meng. It was rare to see this boy shy.
It’s a pity that Wang Meng’s adaptability is still very strong. He quickly let go and held Yang Ying’s hand. Yang Ying struggled symbolically for a few times. This proud senior sister of Feifeng Hall was as gentle as water at this time. , simply incredible.
“Of course we have to celebrate, Lao Zhou, you