ng. The Jiutian Lihuo Sword and the Jiutian Vegetable Slicing Sword were just about the same.

The Lei Guang gang members headed by Zhang Xiaopang Suoming and others shouted unceremoniously: Wang Meng!
In response to the moment of calm, they soared straight into the sky.
When we arrived here, the majestic Shangsan Hall and Lingyin Hall with its glorious history were suppressed to the point where there was no sound at all.
This battle is not over yet. Generally speaking, Li Tianyi still has the upper hand, but his momentum is completely one-sided.
The situation where the children of aristocratic families were always respected has been completely reversed.
A second level of fate, a son of a farmer from the mortal world, reversed all this.
This situation only means one thing, a young man who can inherit Ning Zhiyuan’s position is born.
/Li Tianyi was also careless and deceived Jingzhou, but he was deceived by a blind trick. However, luck will not always be so good.
Completely ignoring the noise outside, which in Li Tianyi’s opinion was just a bunch of ducks quacking, the Lihuo Sword’s sword energy burned, covering Wang Meng and struck out with another sword.
At the same time, Wang Meng made the same sword move again.
Could it be? ? ?
In full view of the public, two sword formations rose at the same time. Are they going to die together?
Even if Wang Meng’s trick of catching chestnuts from the fire was true, he would definitely not be able to dodge it. And Li Tianyi was also faced with his own unique skill.
Suspense flashed through their minds, but Wang Meng and Li Tianyi did not pause at all.
The sword array also erupted with scorching heat.
Wang Meng’s figure jumped nimbly in the sword energy, like dancing steps on the tip of a knife. The sword energy was so sharp that it could be swallowed up at any time, but it couldn’t hurt him at all. Li Tianyi on the other side was similar, and his steps were as flexible as Wang Meng’s. It was so familiar to him that he could flash by with his eyes closed.
Pressed down by the air waves formed by the Yuan Power in the air, the two of them almost took action at the same time, with their sword energy coming out.
With two muffled groans, the sword energy exploded.
Completed offense and defense at the same time.
The Jiutianli Fire Sword’s ability to capture chestnuts from the fire was broken at the same time.
The two of them landed on the ground, their momentum was exactly locked, and they suddenly laughed loudly at the same time.
For Li Tianyi, to master a sword technique, he must not only be able to perform it but also be able to decipher it. He is the same type of person as Wang Meng.
“Brother Wang really did not disappoint me, but I will definitely win this battle!” As he said this, the Lihuo Sword floated quietly in front of Li Tianyi, and a faint light emanated from the Lihuo Sword.
This hand gesture
The hilarious crowd fell silent, but any practitioner will know what this means!
Flying sword!
When Li Tianyi wanted to fly a sword, he was simply