advantage but does not suffer any losses? .”

After all, Gong Hanying is no longer the fledgling she once was. In recent years, she has gradually lost the favor of the poisonous dragon son Li Zhe. The Kuji Sword Sect where she used to live has also plummeted in power, its voice has become weaker and weaker, and it can no longer provide her with convenience and protection.
However, these adverse factors stimulated her growth and abilities, making her more capable and mature. At this time, Gong Hanying is no longer the fragile vase she used to be who only served others with her beauty. Her own abilities are increasingly recognized by the senior leaders of Blood Soul.
In a few words, he sternly educated several of his subordinates, not only rejected their unreasonable demands, but also assigned several difficult tasks to squeeze out the last bit of work potential of his subordinates and save them too much energy to complain to themselves. After teaching those old guys a lesson, Gong Hanying breathed a long sigh of relief and squeezed his body limply into the armchair.
Only at this time can she shed the strong and capable queen’s temperament and slightly show the softness and confusion of the past, because only when there is no one around her can she reveal a little bit of her true self. This has to be said for a certain person. Kind of sad.
“Damn Zhu Peng, can you die if you stop causing trouble? From the first moment I saw you back then, I knew you would never be a peaceful master. Now that I think about it, this is indeed the first time. The first instinct upon meeting is the most accurate.”
Sighing and whispering, Gong Hanying subconsciously recalled the story of that year. At that time, she actually had the potential to become the number one heroine, right? Rather than because of some hesitant thoughts, he was inexplicably defeated by Li Shishi, who was almost never seen.
“Thirty years in Hedong, thirty years in Hexi, how proud Senior Sister Su Yu and I were back then. Apart from each other, there was almost no one worthy of facing up to our peers. As a result, we were all focused on the most important things in life. , lost to the inconspicuous and unrevealed Master Li. Now Senior Sister Su Yu and I are still struggling for our own destiny and future. But the little chubby girl in the past has become one of the few people in the Blood Soul Ridge. The young lady has a noble status.”
/Not to mention how Gong Hanying of the Department of Foreign Affairs felt sorry for himself and Gu Ying, not to mention how Qin Yue, who took over Hanshan’s defense system, was in great pain and tried his best.
It is only said that Zhu Peng practiced in seclusion in the mansion of Hanshanyuan, studied various swordsmanship inheritance of Songshan Sword Sect, and incorporated various insights from the life-and-death battle some time ago into his own practice system.
“No, that’s not right. This is not the way to practice the Seventh Songshan Sword-Slaying Technique. The key points of Songshan Sword Cultivator’s swordsmanship are