cing Du Ziyu’s violent roar, the battle began. The long sword in Du Ziyu’s hand was imaginary and blasted towards Wang Meng with sword energy.

Wang Meng’s figure moved in the sword energy, looking for gaps in existence.
Du Ziyu sneered, pressing forward step by step, his sword style suddenly turned, and there was a shining arc in the sword energy.
/Arc sword energy comes out!
And unlike the real person’s single-arc sword energy, Du Ziyu’s sword energy contains conventional sword energy, which means that his life marks can be easily changed in combination methods.
“Ge Mang, it seems that Brother Zhenren is going to have a fierce battle. If he loses, will you be interested in Du Ziyu?”
Mo Wuzheng said with a smile.
The Cultivation Academy is definitely a general who pushes back and forth. Seeing that Du Ziyu’s use of sword techniques is so superb, even they can feel the pressure.
Although the journey of cultivation can take advantage of some time, it is definitely not time that determines the outcome.
“Du Ziyu is from the Yunxiao Sect. He has a solid foundation and is one of the top fifty sects. When he arrives at the Cultivation Academy, his adaptability is much stronger than that of other sects. It is not surprising that Du Ziyu behaves like this.”
“The real person has met his match this time.”
“I would like to know if Zhenren is a guy who pretends to be a pig and eats the tiger. Is his Yuanli really only twenty levels?”
There are already many onlookers in the void. For cultivators below the thirtieth level, this battle is obviously extremely attractive. Du Ziyu is definitely an outstanding figure among the new generation of cultivators. Some people have never When he enters, he is destined to have a brilliant future. He may not pay attention to others, but it does not mean that others will not pay attention to him.
Du Ziyu’s swordsmanship is fierce. The arc sword energy combined with the regular sword energy constantly puts pressure on the real person. The real person’s arc sword energy is also counterattacking. It’s just a pure arc sword energy. For Du Ziyu, who has understood the arc sword energy. I mean, it’s really not a difficult thing to deal with.
The real person on the opposite side is a bit stretched. If he can use the double arc sword energy, it will be a good counterattack. However, this kind of counterattack often also contains dangers. Either he will hit with one hit, and once Du Ziyu dodges, he will be able to catch him. There are a lot of gaps to live in. You can use this decisive move to kill your opponent or yourself.
“It seems that Du Ziyu is not going to give the real person a chance. This swordsmanship is too solid!”
Mo Wuzheng smiled and said, “In comparison, although the real person’s swordsmanship is fierce, it doesn’t feel comprehensive enough. Ge Mang, I’m here for you.”
Ge Mang didn’t look at Mo Wuzheng, “I’m not interested in Du Ziyu.”
Ge Mang is not saying that Du Ziyu is not strong, in fact he is not afraid of being ignorant. Compared with the real person, this Du Ziyu i