se, they are the kindest people.

Wang Meng is now a firm fan of Fan Hong’s five-element personality theory. Among other things, this theory is so accurate when applied to Fan Hong himself.
/Kindness does not mean that people are stupid, but that they are more tolerant and considerate of others. Wang Meng could see that Fan Hong did not hold any grudge against Chanjing at all, and might even be silently blessing him in his heart.
At least Wang Meng couldn’t do this kind of thing.
For the sake of Lingshi, Midao Grand Master did not embarrass Wang Meng and was a little gentler towards the two of them.
“I know it’s not easy for you. Once you’ve sorted it out, you can use it if you want, but don’t break it.” He looked at Wang Meng and then at Fan Hong. “With the destructive power of the two of you, you can only use it if you want.” Tank-level destructive power.”
Wang Meng and Fan Hong looked at each other. Don’t they look like masters?
“Fan Hong, which branch of the Five Elements do you think Midao Zhangyuan belongs to?”
Fan Hong touched his chin, “Although this person is a little sophisticated, I’m afraid it’s caused by the environment. He’s not impatient, but he’s not calm either. I’m afraid he’s of the water and wood elements. This is a good attribute. Water and wood are symbiotic. The zodiac sign is good, this person has a bright future and a good life.”
Wang Meng stared blankly at Fan Hong. This guy really has the temperament of a magician. Not to mention, he sounds quite reasonable. I don’t know how powerful this Mi Dao is, but he has become a leader here. Not everyone can do this.
“What will happen if the five elements have two main elements, but they conflict with each other, such as water and fire?”
Wang Meng asked. He was thinking of Hu Jing. Hu Jing should be a more typical example of water and fire in conflict.
“Well,” Fan Hong touched his chin, “It is easier for people with mutually incompatible traits to get good grades, but this kind of person is destined to have nothing to do with happiness. To put it simply, he lacks some luck, unless he meets someone he wants to match. The one who is at the knees of each other.”
Wang Meng was dumbfounded. This guy didn’t seem to be that accurate. Mo Shan belonged to metal, fire, and water, so he had super achievements, but was he happy?
Mo Shan was lonely all his life, but in the end he got his godhead.
Hu Jing seems to be very lucky. It can be considered a smooth journey. Is she happy? You should be very happy, at least for now there is nothing.
Fan Hongyi was still unfinished, “Let me tell you, people with mutually reinforcing attributes can easily attract each other.”
Fan Hong was suffocated because he thought of himself. Chanjing was of the water element, and he was of the wood element, so he couldn’t help but fall in love with Chanjing, and his love rival was of the gold element.
/Wang Meng knew that Fan Hong was thinking of Chanjing, “Ahem, what about the one with all the five elements? Doesn’t it mean that no one loves it, or that everyone loves