the word trouble again. As long as I can do it, it won’t be a problem.” What

the word trouble again. As long as I can do it, it won’t be a problem.” What
he said was “Don’t mention it again”, not “sincerity and fear”.
Ya Yi’an sighed inwardly, he was still young after all, and his words were sharp, but he didn’t want to care too much, “February 16th is the birthday of the King of England. Eunuch Ning went to celebrate his birthday. I heard that the King of England is slightly ill. Eunuch Ning invites you to go with us.”
/I, Li Yongsheng, was immediately stunned, what the hell is this?
He thought with his buttocks and knew that Ning Zhiyuan’s move must have deep meaning. He 100% knew that he and Zhao Xinxin were too close.
This is really not surprising. Our restaurant he opened with Princess Ninth in Zhuque City is also a local scene. Too many people know that he is Zhao Xinxin’s shopkeeper – and he is a very powerful one.
Ning Zhiyuan, as one of the top officials in the Central-Earth Kingdom, might not know this? People even knew clearly about his grudge against Wang Weiguo. Although Suzaku City was far away, it was definitely not a problem.
/So, Ning Zhiyuan’s motive for asking him to go to the birthday banquet is very questionable – is it to humiliate the British Prince’s Palace and say that the nine daughters of your family have found an orphan as their future partner?
In fact, in order to avoid possible embarrassment, Li Yongsheng did not go to the Prince’s Palace with Zhao Xinxin – she asked him to pretend to be a guard, but he did not want to lower his status and compromise.
His feelings towards the King of England are actually a bit complicated. This person is regarded as a prince. However, as a watcher from the upper world, Mr. Li has no respect for this person. However, at the same time, he is his reincarnated partner in name only. Father, this is too disrespectful and inappropriate.
So what he had been thinking was that after Yongxin awakened, the two of them would come to the King of England’s palace to see the King of England and do something appropriate to end this cause and effect.
Now that Ning Zhiyuan made such a request, it really surprised him. He was not worried that Ning Zhiyuan would do something inappropriate for him. The point was that he felt that he had become a pawn on someone’s chessboard.
This made him very unhappy. He treated the Guanfeng Envoy as his pawn. You are so brave!
But then he thought about it, it would be good to attend the King of England’s birthday banquet, to witness the prince’s birthday, and at the same time, he could see Yongxin up close.
Recently, he still insists on “asking for instructions early and reporting later”. He also knows a lot about Yongxin’s situation, but it is obvious that the little girl did not tell him everything – at least she did not say why her father was in Shuntian Mansion Happy birthday.
For the sake of Yongxin’s safety, it was not an exaggeration for him to go there. Moreover, when he went this time, he was a doctor invited by Ning Zhiyuan. He was invited by the boss of the Royal Horse Supervis