e of the construction materials. Just looking at the transportation costs.

“Mr. David, we are here!” Knight Miller said with a smile on his face when he saw the castle.
“I’ll go back after I take you to the castle!” David nodded and said.
He looked at the information on the visor and found that he could already use the identity bracelet to contact Babington Chaoyun at this location.
After entering the Zerg battle area, Skynet’s coverage will be greatly affected, and the deeper you go, the weaker the signal will be.
At this moment, David left the Zerg-occupied area. After it was truly safe, he thought of contacting the extraordinary people at the base.
“Babington, this is David, I have returned to the safe area!” David left a extraordinary message to Babington.
Just as the message was sent, the other party immediately connected to the communication.
“David, where are you?” Babington asked very nervously.
Not long after the four of them escaped, they felt a terrifying aura coming from behind them. The unique coercive aura of the fourth-level Zerg made them frightened and worried about David’s safety.
Although David’s hiding ability is very strong, it is difficult to say whether he can be completely hidden when facing level four Zerg.
But there was nothing they could do but leave faster.
Fortunately, the fourth-level Zerg did not chase them. After many changes of direction and acceleration, they finally got rid of the third-level Zerg completely.
The main reason for this is that the third-level Zerg moved together with the insect swarm. Affected by the speed of the insect swarm, they did not pursue them with all their strength.
As soon as they arrived at the safe area, they tried to contact David, but there was no signal after multiple attempts.
“Be safe, do you need us to pick you up?” Babington Chaofan finally let go of his worries when he heard David’s exact location and asked.
“No need, I’ll go back as soon as I’ve taken care of it here!” As David was speaking, he saw a figure jumping out of the pure white castle in front of him. He immediately said: “I have something to do here. I’ll call you later.” connection!”
After cutting off the contact, David looked at the figure approaching quickly, and couldn’t help but feel a sense of horror in his heart.
Because the figure that came quickly was a middle-aged man wearing strange and complicated clothes. What shocked David was that this middle-aged man did not wear armor or mount, but he jumped completely by his own strength. After passing the about 20-meter-high city wall of the castle, he approached at a speed even faster than Chaofan wearing the ‘Super Armor’.
/“Uncle Du Bois!” Knight Miller immediately patted his horse and bowed before seeing the incoming man.
/“Miller, your situation is very bad, let’s talk about it when we get back!” Baron Du Bois glanced at Knight Miller and said in a deep voice. He spoke in federal language, and then he turned to look at David, with a gentler expression, continued: “Sir, thank you for bringing Miller back. Please