nite ore that is exposed on the surface and has sufficient energy.

According to David’s estimation, the reason why the kryptonite ore here is not mined on a large scale is probably because of the ‘perfect grade kryptonite’. According to David’s estimation, the production of ‘perfect grade kryptonite’ is very likely. The existence of these kryptonite ores is required.
/Otherwise, with the Zerg’s thirst for energy, no matter how large the krypton crystal mine is, it will only take a short time to be mined.
The growth of the Zerg requires energy, and the energy contained in ordinary kryptonite mines is exactly what most of the Zerg need.
David continued to move forward, but stopped when he was still a hundred meters away from the cave entrance.
Because when he was close to about 100 meters away, he felt a slight dizziness in his head, and the crystal outside the Soul Fortress kept shaking as if it was being attacked.
This is a spiritual attack, and such a strong spiritual attack must be issued by a very powerful level four Zerg.
David did not expect that what he thought was a simple stealing operation would be blocked when he reached the door.
He didn’t dare to enter by force. Maybe his soul fortress could withstand mental attacks, but when he really withstood mental attacks, he couldn’t maintain the state of hiding his aura.
Then David would have to face this terrifying Level 4 Zerg that could use its mind and unconsciousness to attack hundreds of meters around it while still in the cave. In his estimation, it would be difficult for this Level 4 Zerg to get close. The Zerg are almost born to restrain beings like him.
David tried to let Shadow Warrior enter the cave, but unfortunately Shadow Warrior could only be a few meters away from the cave entrance and could not enter the cave.
For a while, he couldn’t think of a way, so he could only stay underground and wait for the opportunity.
Time passed little by little, and the expiration date of the ‘underground stealth’ talent had long passed, and David was pressed tightly by the soil underground.
Fortunately, the custom-made exoskeleton armor provided him with enough survival oxygen through the internal circulation system, allowing him to remain motionless for a long time.
David observed the situation at the entrance of the cave through the shadow attendant on the ground, but an hour or two passed, and the unknown fourth-level Zerg did not leave the cave.
“Hey, there’s something moving!” During this boring wait, Shadow Waiter suddenly saw a figure appearing in the direction of the entrance to the valley.
That was the ‘Giant Pincer Flame Bug’ guarding the entrance of the valley. At this time, the ‘Giant Pincer Flame Bug’ had a second-level Zerg in its mouth.
This ‘Giant Claw Flame Bug’ was obviously afraid of this place. It walked very slowly and cautiously.
Along the way, the mining ants were very numb and seemed not to notice the ‘Giant Claw Flame Insect’, only focusing on their own work.
The ‘Giant Pincer Flame Bug’ arrived at a position more than a hu