achieve results, it will be your own achievement and has nothing to do with me!” Layard The team leader sat in his seat and said calmly.

“Okay, I agree!” David nodded and said.
David turned and walked out of the conference room. He got what he wanted.
/As soon as David left the conference room, all the researchers enthusiastically signed up for Team Leader Layard. Everyone knew what to choose at this time.
You must know that a research laboratory does not only have researchers, but also needs assistants to help with trivial matters.
/“Team Leader Layard is quite fast!” David couldn’t help laughing.
Perhaps in the eyes of Team Leader Layard, this was aimed at David, but in reality it gave David a chance.
David may not want to work, but he is willing to do so if he can get a better working environment through this opportunity.
There was no assistant, and he didn’t care. He skillfully opened each device and started debugging the equipment. These devices had not been used for a long time.
If any researcher saw David’s actions at this time, he would be surprised.
These sophisticated and complex devices require a variety of expertise to debug.
Team leader Layard believed that David was a true genius and could not achieve results faster than him under such conditions.
You must know that his research has already passed the mid-term stage. The next step is time and luck. Maybe he can achieve results within a few days.
As for David, let alone whether the equipment can be debugged, it means that it will take several years to debug the equipment without assistants or researchers. It will take several years to achieve results by relying on David alone.
But in fact, David debugged these devices that other researchers thought were complicated with just a few operations.
The ability of a ‘research master’ is at the master level in any aspect of research, and researchers who can be called ‘research masters’ are all pillars of the federal research field.
It took David an hour to debug all the equipment, and then he was thinking about what to do.
He was not troubled by the research project, he was just concerned about how long it would take to obtain research results.
David has found the right direction and can produce results in a few days at most. However, this will not attract unnecessary attention.
His current status requires a low profile, which allows him to show his genius but not attract too much attention.
Thinking of this, David sat in front of the research table. He did not immediately use the best direction to conduct experiments, but chose a relatively close research direction to conduct experiments.
In his mind, he passed the data in his hands time and time again, and the final results would not appear so abrupt.
David spent the whole day conducting experiments. This was also an opportunity for him to test his ‘Research Master’ ability. All the knowledge of the ‘Research Master’ was directly transferred to the brain. Although there was also practical experience in it, it lacked his own Hands-on experie