blem.” Klein’s expression became extremely serious, and he stretched out his right hand to untie the silver chain wrapped around his left wrist.

He held the silver chain in his left hand, letting the citrine pendant hang naturally in front of him.
When the swing subsided, he sketched the ball of light and recited silently in his mind:
“There are extraordinary dangers in the room in front of me.”
Normally, the “pendulum method” is only suitable for divination of things related to oneself, as well as objective situations within a small range. Therefore, Klein’s description is quite particular: “danger” will cause one to be affected, and “room” will be in In front of you.
“There are extraordinary dangers in the room in front of me.”
Over and over again, seven times later, Klein opened his eyes and saw that the citrine pendant was rotating clockwise, and the speed was quite fast.
This shows that there is indeed danger caused by extraordinary things in the room, and the degree of danger is not low.
Selina is a fan of occultism. She took her friends to play a certain ritual and something went terribly wrong. What should I do? Klein rubbed his brows, rewrapped the citrine pendant, stretched out his hand and knocked on the door.
dong dong dong
He knocked three times rhythmically, with a kind smile on his face.
With a creak, the door opened, and Melissa wearing a new dress appeared in front of Klein.
“Klein, what’s the matter?” The girl didn’t expect her brother to come over, and was quite surprised for a moment.
Klein smiled without any trace of gloom and replied:
“I heard you guys were having fun, and I was a little curious.”
“Sorry for disturbing you.” Melissa bowed her head in embarrassment and apologized, “We were playing magic mirror divination. Selena knows a lot. It’s fun.”
Magic mirror divination girls, why don’t you go play Pen Fairy and Dish Fairy? Klein shook his head in annoyance and fun.
He looked past Melissa and into the living room, where he saw Selena with a sunny smile and deep dimples.
However, in his spiritual vision, the girl with long burgundy hair holding a silver-plated mirror was even more seriously eroded by the evil black and green.
His thoughts were racing, and Klein carefully considered his words:
“Haha, I won’t interrupt your game. Ah, yes, as for Elizabeth, I just talked with her about the grammar of the Ancient Fusac language. She said she had a question and wanted to ask me.”
“Elizabeth” Melissa looked at her brother up and down and emphasized in a strange tone, “She is only sixteen years old.”
Hey, what are you thinking about? Klein immediately explained:
“This is a normal academic discussion. Elizabeth is very interested in history and ancient languages.”
Melissa took another deep look at her brother, and then said:
“She’s in there, I’m letting her out.”
/“Okay.” Klein took a step back and left the door.
Watching his sister turn around, he breathed a sigh of relief, thankful that it wasn’t Melissa who was in danger.
He only waited for more than ten seconds before