k of the upper body, and the head with eyes and mouthparts unique to the Zerg race, David would have thought the spider was a mixture of humans and spiders.

David has seen many Zerg species over the years, many of them disgusting.
But after seeing the ‘half-length spider’, he still had a strong feeling of vomiting.
When Knight Miller felt his body falling to the ground, he immediately relaxed his breathing. He had been saved by David using this method before, so he knew that David must have encountered a very terrifying enemy if he needed to use this method. .
Needless to say, there is only one enemy that can be encountered here, and that is the fourth-level Zerg ‘Half Spider’.
As long as Knight Miller thinks of the knight of the Hado family, he feels terrified in his heart.
He didn’t want to be a puppet like that knight, controlled by a little spider entering his brain and turned into a living corpse.
David took Knight Miller and sneaked ten meters underground, and immediately dived in the direction of the lair. He knew that Baron Dubois was in the lair, and it was safe where Baron Dubois was.
Just ten seconds after David took Knight Miller to sneak underground, the ‘half-length spider’ protected by fourteen puppets came to the entrance of the lair.
There was a hint of confusion on the strange face of the ‘Half Spider’. It sniffed the smell here vigorously, and immediately it roared loudly.
Among these scents, it smelled human scent.
Because they came to fight the ‘Half Spider’, Baron Dubois did not hide his aura, which made the aura left here very obvious.
In addition, in the area far around the ‘Half Spider’ lair, no Zerg dares to approach, and any Zerg that approaches will be torn apart by the puppets.
Therefore, these weak auras are particularly obvious here, and the ‘half-length spider’ easily discovered the intruder.
/Just when the ‘Half Spider’ roared, Baron Dubois and Knight Cade rushed out of the lair. Behind them were three extraordinary ones.
“According to the plan, Knight Cade and I will resist the ‘half-length spider’. You guys must clean up these puppets!” Baron Dubois ordered loudly.
As he said that, he rushed towards the ‘Half Spider’, and at the same time, a white sword light stretched out from the fourth-level epee and slashed towards the ‘Half Spider’.
The two ‘Phantom Millipede’ puppets beside the ‘Half Spider’ faced the sword light. At the same time, the ‘Half Spider’ waved a piece of spider silk to cover the two knights.
The charging figures of Baron Dubois and Knight Cade suddenly turned and rushed to the side, just in time to avoid the scope of the spider thread.
Even someone as strong as Baron Dubois would not dare to come into contact with the spider silk shot by the ‘half-length spider’.
He and Knight Cade need to lead the ‘Half Spider’ aside, and let the three extraordinarys fight the remaining puppets. Otherwise, with the influence of the puppets, it will be difficult for them to concentrate on fighting the ‘Half Spider’.
/Of course, the ‘Half Spider’ will not let Baro