s head, there was not a single piece of meat on his body, and his clothes were in clumps, but his mouth refused to give in.

s head, there was not a single piece of meat on his body, and his clothes were in clumps, but his mouth refused to give in.
This kind of scoundrel is actually quite troublesome. Putting aside his combat prowess, he is just as good as a hob and doesn’t take his own life seriously.
He stared at Li Yongsheng fiercely, “Little bastard, let’s wait and see. As long as I don’t die, you will be unlucky.”
Chapter 39 Poor and hateful
Li Yongsheng ignored the thin bamboo pole and turned to look at the security guard , “Brothers and priests, if he threatens, can he please bear witness and be punished?” “The sentence
is not under the control of the monastery,” a security guard shook his head, “But don’t worry, no one was hurt. The people in our monastery can still be safe and sound.”
“Actually, he wanted to kill me,” Li Yongsheng muttered softly, turned around and left.
“If I want to kill you, won’t I give you a few blows?” Feng Yang shouted at the top of his lungs behind him.
He suffered so much because he refused to admit that he was the murderer.
If he didn’t admit it, the convent would not let him go. At least Dean Song would not agree – he rented the controversial house to Li Yongsheng, which could easily be used to make a fuss.
There is another guy who is also being imprisoned, but he is the tattooed man, the only one.
This guy’s fighting prowess should not be underestimated, so the monastery refused to let him leave. At this juncture, nothing could happen to Li Yongsheng.
Li Yongsheng also went to identify this person and said that it was this person who destroyed his door sixteen times.
The courage of the tattooed man is not as good as that of a thin bamboo pole. He said in a low voice – I will break your door just once.
“Of course you don’t want to admit it at this time,” Li Yongsheng didn’t argue with him. He said lightly and turned to leave. “Anyway, if you don’t compensate, our matter won’t be over.” The tattooed
man looked at him. His back was so angry that tears welled up in his eyes – You are more like a scoundrel than we are, is there any justice in this world?
/Li Yongsheng has not seen the other suspects. Most of them have been released on bail pending trial. Ordinarily this should not be done, but those people are well-established. To get bail in the Xuanqing plane, not only do you have to pay money, but you also have to have a guarantor. .
If something goes wrong for the person who has taken out the bail, the person who has the guarantee will be in bad luck.
Li Yongsheng lay there for three days and didn’t want to lie there anymore. He looked for Xiao Xianhou and asked him to accompany him to the front room.
Xiao Xianrou firmly disagreed with him going, but he said, if you don’t go with me, then I will go by myself. Brothers, I finally know who you are!
“It’s bad luck for me!” Xiao Xianhou muttered, and called Hu Lianwang again, and the two of them accompanied Li Yongsheng out.
The three of them were walking along, and when they were still about ten feet away from the f