poke sternly, “Boy, you dare to bully me? Do you believe that I can make you worse than death?” “

poke sternly, “Boy, you dare to bully me? Do you believe that I can make you worse than death?” ”
/Get out of here,” Li Yongsheng waved his hand. He couldn’t bear it anymore, “I don’t believe you, why don’t you give it a try?” I want to see who will live a life worse than death!”
The middle-aged man was so angry that smoke came out of his nostrils.
However, he really didn’t dare to take action. He was just unhappy that a small lay student dared to be disrespectful to the cultivator. If he really dared to take action against the cultivator near Bo Monastery, even if Tianxiang Restaurant has great potential, it would not be possible. Willing to pay a huge price to protect him.
His chest rose and fell rapidly for a while, and then he sighed, “Okay, it’s not my fault, I’m sorry, but what’s going on with the rent?”
“The rent is the rent, and the deposit is the deposit,” Li Yongsheng said indifferently. He answered rationally, “How can such a big man not be sensible?”
The middle-aged man was really angry, but after the confrontation just now, he also knew that if he said harsh words again, he would only be humiliating himself, so he swallowed his anger and asked. , “Isn’t there no rent?”
“There was no rent for the past two days, but starting today,” Li Yongsheng rolled his eyes at him, “You don’t have to rent, and I won’t force you.”
He had zero for the first fifteen radios. It was launched on a daily basis in order to build a reputation. Now those who come to the door have a demand, so of course they have to collect rent.
The rent is not high, a radio costs 20 yuan a day. Compared with the deposit of 20 silver coins, it will take him more than two years to get back the money, which is very generous.
He has already thought about it. In the first few years of the development of radio, it will mainly rely on rent to ensure profits, and it will take another two years to make a profit by selling radios.
The first fifteen units are rent-free for one month. If the other party fails to return them in time within one month, it will be deemed as a purchase.
The middle-aged man felt miserable again, but he already knew that there was no reason to argue with this little guy.
But he still had to fight for what should be fought, “Twenty dollars for one radio, five radios, one hundred dollars a day.”
Li Yongsheng waved his hand impatiently, interrupting him, “I just said, you didn’t Why do we need to rent so much?”
The middle-aged man didn’t care what he said and shouted loudly, “What kind of storyteller can’t be hired for a hundred dollars a day?”
“You definitely can’t hire Fang Tianshan,” Xiao Xianhou sneered. , “Leave aside Fang Tianshan, you still have to hire a red lady to sing, and you have to hire a troupe to sing, and you have to change the same thing every day.”
“Change the same thing every day?” The middle-aged man curled his lips disdainfully, “It’s just taking a photo. It seems like who doesn’t know how to use a stone?”
/Xiao Xianhou burst into laughter, “It’s easy to say, if you know ho