At this time, he had not made up his mind to rent it, although He was sure that getting a radio would definitely greatly improve the restaurant’s business, and he could get the twenty silver dollars after discussing it with his wife.
But what if it’s a liar? Twenty silver dollars was enough to severely damage the vitality of his small family.
As the proprietor of a restaurant, he has seen too many ugly phenomena that can and cannot be said.
But the words of the fat young man dispelled most of his doubts, “In the southwest corner of Bo’s courtyard, you find the owner of three tailor shops. He is the one who created this one.” “Is it
that country orphan?” Zeng Xianhong stared in shock. Big eyes.
Of course he knew Li Yongsheng – he didn’t know the name very well, but he knew too much about the person. He thought that his wife had forced him to rent the house there.
Anyway, he knew that Li Yongsheng defeated Zeng Qiude and Shi Jifeng, and let Feng Yang die inexplicably.
The orphans from out of town have caused so much trouble, and it is said that there are people in the hospital who support them.
In any case, this is a genuine student, and there are people behind him to endorse it, so he can definitely be trusted.
Of course, twenty silver dollars was a bit too much. In the afternoon, he discussed it with his wife.
“Li Yongsheng?” Wang’s eyes lit up immediately after hearing the news.
But what she was thinking about was not reliability, but the gossip in the market. “They say he is unparalleled in appearance. Let me go and see it with you.” “So
that was the idea,” Zeng Xianhong sneered, “No wonder you wanted to do it in the first place. Rent his house.”
“I gave you my whole youth, so what if you meet a little guy?” Wang was furious.
The result of meeting the handsome guy was that in the evening of the same day, a square box was brought to Hongfu Restaurant.
The square box made great achievements that night, and was pulled back at the end of You, which was around six o’clock in the evening. There was a story in Xu Chu, which is equivalent to 7:30 earth time, and it was the eighth chapter of “There is a Well Behind the Well”. Replay at noon.
After the radio came back, the couple briefly promoted it. There was really no need to say too much – there was a rare thing in the neighborhood, and the news spread very quickly.
And this thing is worth twenty silver dollars!
/That night, the Hongfu Restaurant was packed to the rafters. There were only about forty people in the restaurant, but after Youzheng, around eight o’clock, an opera started playing on the radio.
It must be pointed out that the timing of Li Yongsheng’s broadcast is a bit problematic. Generally speaking, everyone goes to bed after eight o’clock in the evening, and it is a bit late to read after seven o’clock.
/There is definitely no problem if it is broadcast like this in the earth world, but this is not the habit in the Xuanqing plane.
This place is divided into different classes. People with high status always play and