eryone will attack the Ma League. It is better to keep the existence of this alliance a little secret.

eryone will attack the Ma League. It is better to keep the existence of this alliance a little secret.
However, although it was a lively event behind closed doors, it couldn’t stand up to the huge crowd. Let’s just talk about real people. There was room for ten people per table, but two tables could not fit.
In Li Yongsheng’s impression, there was such a scene when he besieged and killed the Wei family in Guangling.
The people at the table with him, apart from the seven real people receiving treatment and Zhang Muzi, were Gongsun Weiming who had rushed back.
Judging from Wei Ming’s face, he knew that things were not going particularly well, but it was a festive time and it was obviously not the right time to talk about this topic.
Du Jingjing sat unceremoniously next to Li Yongsheng. She was so excited that she almost drank without drinking.
But she was not familiar with the people present, so she started talking to Master Li.
After Li Yongsheng realized the truth, the scars on his face disappeared, and his already handsome face became even more handsome.
/Deacon Du looked at it with his heart swaying and his eyes blurred. He said at least seven or eight times – Zhao Xinxin is not worthy of you!
/As for who is worthy of Master Li, a handsome young man who has just realized the truth, it is of course a certain deacon who has just realized the truth.
Li Yongsheng could understand her mood. He had just realized that he was ecstatic, and his words were out of line, so he couldn’t care less.
What’s even more tragic is that he can’t avoid it. Once he avoids it, someone will ask him about the Spirit Gathering Formation – everyone’s oath is not to be spread to the outside world, and asking him to ask will not break the promise at all.
Master Li used Du Jingjing to block these people, thinking helplessly in his heart, hoping that she would forget today’s nonsense tomorrow.
At the beginning of the year, when the banquet was at its peak, there was a sudden noise outside, and then someone rushed in to report, “Old patriarch, someone from the Murong family came to make trouble!” “Am I,
Murong Fenghua, an unreasonable person?” Someone outside spoke loudly, “It’s really raining heavily. I happened to be passing by here with a distinguished guest and came to borrow a place to stay. The Yuan family’s door is so closed, but how do you treat guests?” After
hearing this, everyone was startled, and then they all asked Looking outside the house, “Is it raining?”
It was raining, and lightning flashed in the distance, and there was a rumble of thunder.
“Murong Fenghua?” Yun Canghai glanced at Yuan Zhenren in shock, “What the hell is this?”
“The patriarch of Qingshan Murong, a senior cultivator,” Yuan Zhenren replied expressionlessly, and then ignored the noise outside the yard. Instead, he looked at his own clansmen
and asked, “What’s going on?” It was very simple. Just now, news came from the foot of the mountain that someone was worshiping the mountain, and then the sound in the conch suddenly stopped.