engshi said that the Erlang Temple should indeed be related to the Qibao Sect, which made him ecstatic.

engshi said that the Erlang Temple should indeed be related to the Qibao Sect, which made him ecstatic.
But then, the word “Xiao Zong” dashed all his dreams!
I’m not talking about the Erlang Temple. This descendant temple cannot be ranked among the 63 temples in the South, Seven and North. I know this one is indeed small, but we are the orthodoxy of the upper realm sect, and we have a foothold.
It’s a sect from the upper realm! This is not a small Zisun Temple that can be opened by just gathering a few people!
Most of the descendant temples in the Middle-earth Kingdom are just launched by the hidden family to occupy the territory. It is enough to have a connection with the true king. How many are there that have a connection with the world?
Zhu Zhu’s worldview was reborn in destruction, and then was destroyed after rebirth.
But he finally asked, “Is the Seven Treasures Sect really very small in the upper realm?”
It’s not very small, but very small. Li Yongsheng was very sure of this, but in the end, he answered very kindly, ” There are about a thousand tens of thousands of people, so it’s not a small sect.”
A thousand tens of thousands of people, is it still a small sect? Zhu Erhuan was dumbfounded when he heard this. The entire Taoist palace system in the Middle Earth Kingdom probably did not even have a million people.
He really wanted to ask, how many people can there be in your sect, the Immortal Envoy?
I’m really a bit dissatisfied.
/But he is a high-level real person after all, and it was a bit presumptuous to talk about this with Guanfeng Envoy, so he laughed dryly and said, “The upper realm is indeed vast, and it cannot be compared to the Xuanqing plane.”
“It’s good that you know,” Li Yongsheng said calmly. He said, “I have no friendship with the Qibao Sect, so you only need to know my identity and don’t make it public, okay?”
“I understand, I understand,” Zhu Erhuan nodded hurriedly, but the surprise on his face remained for a long time. Don’t go.
“What’s the matter? Sit down and talk.” Li Yongsheng nodded slightly. He didn’t want to be noticed by others. “If nothing happens, don’t disturb me.” “I’ll forgive you,”
Zhu Erhuan bowed respectfully and sat down. Come down, “I’d like to take the liberty to ask, since you have no friendship with the Qibao Sect, you must have no hatred, right?” ”
If you have anything to say, just say it directly,” Li Yongsheng said a little impatiently, “I can take action if I can, but if I can’t Yes, don’t ask too much.”
Zhu Erhuan hesitated for a moment, then spoke up, “Actually, the founder of Erlang Temple came here after accidentally falling into the void. At that time, he was a real person, and he wanted to prove it. He really returned to the upper world, but he died in the end.”
Li Yongsheng was quite surprised when he heard it, and smiled after a long time, “Then his luck is really not bad.”
/He originally thought that the disciple also suffered from immortal disaster and had to be reincarnated in the Xuanqing plane, and did not conside