the Gu family must give an explanation to Emperor Ji, and internally, they must give an explanation to all the forces in Xiongchu.

After thinking about it, the leader of the Tianjian Sect in Yuezhou next door was idle and looking for fights all day long, so he was the best candidate to block the gun.
/In order to perform this play well, especially to package Xiongchu as the victim, the Gu family specially invited Master Zhengqing, who received a fat beating, which was convincing both internally and externally.
To Emperor Ji, the Gu family would like to thank eldest brother for his love. It’s not that Xiongchu doesn’t want to, it’s that he can’t.
As for the forces within the country, you can do what you want. The Gu family is in trouble anyway and is busy raising money to redeem people, so you should pay some amount.
It was Lu Bei’s turn. It was time for the Gu family to pay tribute and pay homage to the mountain. One wave after another of Tai Chi, he pushed a princess into bed.
There is no distinction between closeness and distance, and there is no distinction between younger brothers and sisters. As the eldest brother, you must have a bowl of water to keep it level. If Xuanlong and Wu Zhou sleep, I, Xiongchu, must also sleep.
The Gu family took all the benefits, how could such a good thing happen!
Lu Bei knew that he had suffered losses many times, no wonder others were plotting against him. It was because he was too honest, kind-hearted, soft-hearted, and idealistic. He fantasized about sacrificing his own self to fulfill the greater self. As long as the world was peaceful, it didn’t matter if he suffered a little injustice.
This problem must be corrected. Starting today, Xiongchu will never take Zhengqing away unless he comes up with a satisfactory bargaining chip.
Even if Gu Zongchen has a sore throat and keeps coughing next to him, he can only take away thirty-six relics today!
Hearing Lu Bei’s roll call, King Yuanji smiled bitterly. Xiong Chu didn’t want to make such a calculation. However, the country’s power was low and it was okay to bully Wu Zhou. He would never dare to show his teeth to Emperor Ji.
/White hair is rare, not everyone dares to be so arrogant.
Moreover, after the blood curse was released, the situation in Xiongchu also changed dramatically.
Everyone can see that without the longevity limit, the Gu family’s old routine will no longer work. Xiongchu is about to change, and the crown prince will rule for a long time after he succeeds to the throne.
In order to avoid war and stabilize the power within the country as quickly as possible, Xiongchu needed a powerful and invincible enemy to force everyone to stick together for warmth.
This man has a ruthless heart and a bloody mind, and has a very bad reputation. He has a reputation both inside and outside Wu Zhou for being able to stop children from crying.
Lu Bei has the qualifications for fame, strength, and status.
What’s commendable is that this evil man actually has a few shining points, such as clear grudges. Whoe