e price difference, so why should it be cheaper for outsiders?

e price difference, so why should it be cheaper for outsiders?
“Then we must abide by the rules when issuing contribution points,” Gongsun Weiming also reacted.
He has been worrying about establishing a contribution point system for the Gongsun family, and of course he must write this down.
“I’ve said it before, rules must be followed,” Li Yongsheng smiled and shook his head, “Actually, contribution points are useless. They were born with the birth of wealth. It’s just a unit of measurement. Contribution points are the same as wealth. It’s worth it.”
“Okay, you don’t need to say it,” Zhao Xinxin interrupted him, “Without work points, there are no contribution points. This is easy to do. What you said is just a hypothesis, which is unlikely to happen. Where can there be such short-sighted people?”
You really have never experienced the era of issuing an additional four trillion or even twenty trillion yuan. That kind of naked plunder of private wealth is called far-sighted, not short-sighted.
Li Yongsheng was too lazy to complain, but he couldn’t help but say, “Currency issuance and wealth growth should be equated. Remember, our contribution must be worthy of the sweat of others.”
/Finding that he was a little uninterested, Gongsun Weiming and Zhao Xinxin stopped talking. After staying for a while, they left silently.
However, after leaving, Zhao Xinxin went to see Gongsun Weiming. “I think the idea of ??eternal life is a bit idealistic. Do you feel this way?”
/“There is nothing wrong with being idealistic,” Gongsun Weiming said. Thinking this is a problem, he is working hard to improve the contribution point system of the Gongsun family. “The big deal is to be more passive, but there are still some problems.”
Since Lei Gu established the contribution point system, there has been a huge labor craze among the refugees, and even Even some five- and six-year-old children are thinking about how to earn contribution points – the child who discovered that someone was snooping in the women’s toilet has become an excellent role model.
The children of those big families have also been motivated to work. In troubled times, it is not an exaggeration to make more material reserves.
You know, even the four major palaces have never used their brains like this. It can be said that the ignorant are fearless.
——Although the children of the Guo family are all young and strong, there are still young and old in the clan’s fort. If something goes wrong, if those people also evacuate to Thunder Valley, a lot of supplies will be needed. .
Then the current young and strong children should prepare for the future. When it comes to the continuation of the family, that pitiful comparison is really nothing.
Such lively days lasted for almost half a month, and then, unconsciously, everyone’s enthusiasm dropped again – especially those children from big families.
Qin Tianzhu had to find out again what happened.
Then he learned that the original problem was that contribution points could not be openly traded with money.