one-time officer. The soldiers are another matter. As the Royal Horse Supervisor, Sajia cannot let the soldiers bleed and shed tears.”

one-time officer. The soldiers are another matter. As the Royal Horse Supervisor, Sajia cannot let the soldiers bleed and shed tears.”
Being able to say shameless words in such a high-sounding way makes Eunuch Ning worthy of being the number one celebrity in the inner court.
Oscar applauded on the side, “Eunuch Ning really has a clear distinction between love and hate. I see it in my eyes and admire him endlessly.”
No one else could say this, no wonder he is a celebrity in the eyes of celebrities.
But Eunuch Ning noticed that it was not this, but Oscar’s look in his eyes. He spoke simply, “Just say what you want to say. Yongsheng is not an outsider.” ”
I think the Boling army will definitely succeed if they go south.” Oscar really said it bluntly, “The county guard and the king’s military commander are full of confidence, and we have the war horses of our Royal Horse Supervisor. At least the army will attack with thunder and invade Sanxiang without any problem.”
This is a bit interesting to say, but Ning Zhiyuan was not satisfied. He nodded, “You continue.”
“Even if you can’t get in and then withdraw, that’s a counterattack.” Oscar hesitated and then spoke hesitantly, “Even if you can’t get in, who knows? The key is? It’s helpful for us to fight back and boost morale.”
“You’re really capable, kid.” Ning Zhiyuan looked at him with a dumbfounded look, pondered for a moment, and then nodded again, “Although what you said makes sense. , but it’s better to be able to get in.”
Li Yongsheng rolled his eyes after hearing this, who are these people?
Now that it had come to this point, Ning Zhiyuan no longer delayed, got up and went to the palace.
The young emperor’s reaction was more intense than Li Changsheng had imagined. In the evening of that day, Li Qingming and Ning Zhiyuan came to the racecourse.
During the war, it was normal for the Royal Horse Supervisor and the Minister of Military Service to walk together, and it was not an accident to come to the racecourse.
But what is strange is that when the two came, they immediately displayed their own guard of honor, as if they wanted to be seen by the entire capital.
/Later, Li Yongsheng found out that Ning Zhiyuan had used his own guard of honor and wanted Li Qingming to hide in it. How could the dignified Minister of Military Service and the Northeast Tiger be subjected to such a strange humiliation?
/Minister Li immediately said, if you Ning Zhiyuan (the eggless guy) dares to show off a guard of honor, why don’t I?
Of course, the words in brackets are just what Minister Li is thinking and cannot be said directly.
When the two arrived at the racecourse, Oscar was busy preparing meals and entertaining Li Yongsheng. When he saw them coming, he stopped in a hurry and thought to himself, why did these two people come so fast?
In fact, Li Qingming also expressed his apology, “I’m late. I’m sorry. I was originally handling matters at the Royal Forest Army Camp. Tianjia only notified me in the afternoon, otherwise I could come over at noon.”