“Then I will take care of him for a month and leave, but I want to ask, do you choose the next candidate for this formation?” Yet?”

You are asking too much. Li Yongsheng looked at him with a smile, “Do you have any good suggestions, Mr. Scholar?”
Huyan hesitated for a moment, then said, “Zhang Laoshi is not particularly innocent. Of course, if Master Li is confident, just pretend that I didn’t say it.”
Hearing this, Li Yongsheng looked at him in surprise, “You actually noticed this?”
/After Lone Wolf returned to Thunder Valley, he concealed his identity again, reunited with his wife, and followed Li Yongsheng. Although these people from the north knew that this person was good, there was always a reason for the high-level real person to act like this, so no one tried to expose him.
In fact, when Huyan scholar confirmed the truth, in addition to many real people protecting the law, Zhang Laoshi also quietly lurked near the cordon and secretly watched the process.
Lone Wolf’s actions were very covert. Of course, this could not be hidden from Li Yongsheng and Zhao Xinxin. However, because Scholar Huyan successfully confirmed the truth, one more person discovered this.
Scholar Huyan didn’t know how much information Li Yongsheng had. He spoke simply, “I also feel the aura of destruction in this person, a very weak one but somewhat similar to a cult.” It turned out to be due to
this, Only then did he remind Li Yongsheng to be alert.
Li Yongsheng smiled and shook his head, “You are worrying too much about this. Have you ever heard of the Lone Wolf of the Criminal Apprehension Department?”
Since Scholar Huyan has confirmed the truth, he is certainly qualified to know some things.
At this moment, Master Fang flew over from a distance and spoke nervously, “Master Li, urgent report from Kuaiji County, King Ning has been assassinated.”
Chapter 873 King Ning was assassinated,
huh? When Li Yongsheng heard the news, he couldn’t help but frown, “How did you die?”
Zhenren Fang sighed and answered with a frown, “It seems that he died from an assassin’s self-explosion.”
He received the news immediately, and the specific situation has not yet been determined. Implement clearly.
Only then did Li Yongsheng realize that he was a little too worried, so he shook his head and said calmly, “This is a matter for the court. I’m not interested. You might as well contact the Ninth Princess.
” On the third day, Zhao Xinxin returned to Suzaku City.
“I guess the Ninth Princess already knows,” Fang Zhenren smiled bitterly, “I guess the court will soon send me to investigate.”
He is from Tianji Palace, and he is in Sanxiang. He is also good at investigation and interrogation. He is going to A natural candidate for Kuaiji County.
But now it seems that he doesn’t want to go.
“Then you go first.” Even though Li Yongsheng was dissatisfied with the court, it was impossible to stop him from leaving.
“This” Master Fang hesitated for a moment before asking hesitantly, “Master Li, can you help prove that I was accident