founded when they heard this: Did we make a mistake in co-authoring?

founded when they heard this: Did we make a mistake in co-authoring?
Finally, Ji Qiang spoke up, “You guys will help guard this military camp first and protect Lei Gu’s retreat. Although Lei Gu doesn’t care about this very much, you should do your best to get food. ”
The Xiaoyang people suddenly understood and nodded in agreement with a smile, “This is no problem.”
After the people from Lei Gu left, a group of Xiaoyang people were still looking at each other. It took a long time before someone sighed softly, “In the final analysis, we are relying on Lei Gu’s name is used to forcefully retain this batch of grain. It’s better to do less of this kind of thing in the future.”
Of course, some people were unconvinced and said, “Why are we just borrowing their name? We thousands of people Many men can rob so much food by force, but don’t give it to those Qiu Ba if they have the guts.”
Hearing this, the leading hero glared at him fiercely, “Shut up! Do you know how many of us will die if that happens? ?”
Actually, people may not die! This man’s mouth moved, but in the end he didn’t dare to say these words
. After passing this military camp, it was very easy to enter Tonghe. As soon as he entered Tonghe, someone came to greet him, four or five capable people. Tonghe man, “I have seen you adults in the recruit camp, the swords are already at war, and a fight is about to begin.”
There is a recruit camp in Tonghe, with at least 50,000 to 60,000 young men undergoing training.
The previous Yongle camp was planned to be expanded to 30,000, and the original intention was to train some new recruits. Unfortunately, before all the recruits were in place, they were eliminated by Li Yongsheng, and they did not play the role they should have.
The recruit camps in Tonghe are all from other places, but there are more than 2,000 Tonghe auxiliary soldiers doing miscellaneous work.
The massacre at the Xiaoyang East Camp was immediately reported to Tonghe, and several military camps in Tonghe were immediately confused.
According to common sense, what happened in Dongdaying was against the original intention of King Zheng’s army. After all, the tune of “loving soldiers like sons” was set by King Zheng, and the chief officer of Dongdaying should be held accountable.
However, the West Camp was lost because of “loving soldiers like sons”. Although the East Camp also fell, it caused a certain degree of damage to the opponent and burned a lot of ordnance and rations. It can be regarded as an honor even though it was defeated. , creating the momentum of Prince Zheng’s Mansion.
Therefore, some officers in the new military camp believe that at this time, the tone of our military training should also change.
Since there were internal disagreements, the discussion could not come to a conclusion for the time being, but soon after, everyone discovered the role played by the Tonghe people and the Yongle people in the fall of Dongdaying.
/Among the 60,000 new recruits, there are only a few Tonghe people, but the Yongle peop