y speaking, it doesn’t matter how the people of Shengdou view this matter. What matters is those guys who have some power to speak and have ulterior motives. These people are very good at kidnapping public opinion.

When Li Qingming heard this, he couldn’t help but sigh, “King Xiang’s move is really wonderful. He uses retreat to advance. No matter what the court does, he has realized the benefits.”
/This move is indeed cruel. He stepped back. It was not good for the court to hit him, and it was not good for the court not to hit him.
If the court beats him, it proves that the Tian family does not care about the life and death of Li Shu in Western Xinjiang, and it is not as sensible as a prince like him.
If the court doesn’t attack him, he can rest peacefully and watch the court and the Crescent Kingdom fight fiercely. If the time comes, he can decisively switch from defense to offense, which is a good calculation.
“We can also fight with him for popular support,” Kun Shuai made a suggestion. “Use the radio station to notify him. If King Xiang is willing to change his mind and send troops to fight against the New Moon People, his previous old debts will be wiped off. See if he agrees. .”
Jiang is still very old. She is indeed a decisive person. The solutions she quickly proposes are much better than ordinary people. On the surface, she shows no signs of using her brain at all.
“It’s not good to write it off in one stroke, isn’t it?” Li Qingming raised an objection, “Rebellion is a serious crime. It would be good to keep him alive. At least he is much better than King Zheng.”
Zhong Fu, on the other hand, said stubbornly, “Nephew It would be disgraceful to write uncle-killing into the history books.” The
young emperor’s head was pounding after hearing this. He glanced at the quiet people in the inner court and coughed lightly, “What do the inner court think?”
What do the inner court think? Simply, no one in the inner court spoke.
Tianjia had no choice but to say, “Eunuch Wei, tell me your opinion. I need suggestions that are suitable for me.”
Wei Yue pondered for a moment and spoke slowly, “I don’t understand military affairs, so I just said it casually. He said that if King Xiang really cares about the people, he should give up blocking the sea area.”
Meng Fu and Zhong Fu heard this, their eyes lit up, and they nodded slowly, “This is a wonderful strategy!” What
a fart, Li Qingming snorted in his heart. Just before she spoke, Kun Shuai had already expressed his opinion, “This is useless.”
She did not explain why it was useless, but she said it very firmly, as if it was a matter of course. People who didn’t understand were embarrassed to ask questions. .
The young emperor paused for a moment, and found no one to explain, so he could only point again, “Ning Yuma, tell me.”
A strange expression appeared on Ning Zhiyuan’s face, and he hesitated, ” I will report some of my superficial knowledge to you in Tianjia, but I will not show my ugly face on this occasion.”
Meng Fu said calmly, “No one