and lower-level officers. In addition, there are many new recruits, and their cooperation with each other is also very average.

and lower-level officers. In addition, there are many new recruits, and their cooperation with each other is also very average.
That is to say, the large number of real people in Peng Ze Navy’s team ensures that they can repeatedly save danger. Otherwise, they would have been beaten to pieces by Hai Dai Navy.
How could there be so many real people in a normal army? Obviously, this was done by Lei Gu again.
The real person in Lei Gu claimed that he took action to ensure that the ship would not be overturned, but why didn’t you say this when you sank the Haidai Navy ship?
The great victory of the navy claimed by Prince Xiang’s Palace a while ago was actually a tragic victory, and even the prospect of naval battles became unfavorable. Speaking only of follow-up troop sources, the potential of the Haidai Navy was far inferior to that of the Pengze Navy.
Therefore, King Xiang believed that this was not because he wanted to find fault with Xuannv Palace, but that he had to find fault. If this continues, his rebellious career may have entered the countdown stage.
However, it is a pity that the Prince Xiang’s Mansion made a mistake in their calculations in the end. They did not expect that the person who followed Leigu people into Haidai was not just the True Lord Gongsun Buqi, but also the True Lord Huyan of Xijiang Xinzha. Scholar.
You said that you, a true true king who has only just proved himself, instead of building a secret realm properly at home, actually came to Haidai, risked your fall, defeated other true kings, and even faced off against the prince’s army. Isn’t that stupid? ?
Generally speaking, the hidden family will not participate in the internal struggles of the Zhao family. There are too many tragic examples ahead.
If you lose, the consequences will be serious. If you win, there will be no good things to eat. Take Gongsun Buqi as an example. If the fat monk hadn’t been closely related to King Xiang’s army, would he have been able to support King Xiang’s army?
Therefore, the appearance of Scholar Huyan was really beyond everyone’s expectation.
Not to mention, there is a pervert like Master Li in Lei Gu’s team. Not only is he super powerful, he can also use the fortune treasure!
In the final analysis, Prince Xiang’s Palace underestimated the courage of the people in the Dao Palace. When designing this plan, most of them believed that the people from Xuannv Palace in Haidai might not dare to take action regardless. After all, this is the territory of Qinglong Temple anyway
. In any case, things developed step by step to this point. The battle failed, and Prince Xiang’s Mansion fell into a great passivity.
/Just when everyone understood the situation clearly, the sky suddenly turned dark.
Immediately afterwards, a dark yellow light appeared not far away, and spread out to the entire world. Faintly, an inexplicable feeling of desolation penetrated into everyone’s body and mind.
Chapter 1027: The Light of Immortal Meteor
“Tsk,” feeling the changes in the world, Ding Qingyao not fa