? Sweep the yard.” “

? Sweep the yard.” ”
Then I’ll also trouble Jiaoyu,” Li Yongsheng grinned. Anyway, he is not short of money now, and the most important thing is , he also plans to hire some more senior students and open a radio station in the capital.
But this matter needs to be put back a little bit. Who knows how the big guys in Beijing plan the radio.
At noon, Li Yongsheng entertained guests and invited Shen Jiaoyu to have a drink. He asked him to find a servant in the afternoon because he planned to check in at night.
Shen Jiaoyu was a little puzzled. You can just wait a day or two. You can live in the Chaoyang Villa next to it. You are not short of money anyway.
Even if we die, we won’t live there. Kong Shujie said bitterly, “The man named Huang kicked us out yesterday. As long as he stays in Chaoyang Villa for one day, we will not live there.”
Shen Jiaoyu was surprised when he heard this: How did you provoke him?
After he understood the cause and effect, he slapped his thigh hard: So it turned out that you two were the ones who beat up the prince of the Crescent Kingdom yesterday?
There are not many foreign seminarians in Chaoyang Grand Seminary who like to cause trouble, but Anbeck is definitely not included.
Many edicts disliked Anbeck, and were very dissatisfied with the “appeasement” attitude of the monastery. However, some people emphasized that tolerance is for the sake of the country, so everyone could only endure it.
Therefore, Shen Jiaoyu expressed strong appreciation for Li Yongsheng’s behavior, saying that since you joined my class and encountered something unfair, you can take action and I will definitely help you bear the pressure of the seminary.
As for pressure from the outside world, I can help you coordinate, but you have to work hard yourself – after all, you will be summoned by the Government Affairs Council, right?
Shen Jiaoyu has a bottom line as a human being, but he is also very down-to-earth and does not take things too seriously.
/With his help, Li Yongsheng hired a servant in the afternoon, a middle-aged woman named Ge, who was responsible for food and housing and a monthly salary of one silver dollar.
The next day, General Kong made a trip to the Ministry of Education and received a piece of news: In the afternoon, the top ten applicants for essays were to go to the Ministry of Education to communicate.
In fact, there was nothing in this communication. It was just to confirm whether all the top ten people were here – after all, it was summoned by the Government Affairs Council. If someone couldn’t come, it would be an unforgivable oversight.
Later, Li Yongsheng followed the chief teaching officer and met the director of the Yande Department of the Ministry of Education.
Tu Yuanqing also came, as if he was Li Yongsheng’s excavator, but the director only said a few polite words.
The capital is really a place full of dragons and crouching tigers. There are too many capable people. Today, there are not only the third place in the essay competition, but also the second p