h-level immortals are still hiding around with the help of their immortal treasures, they still seem like a drop in the ocean amidst the great collapse of the world.

After Zhang Jian’s figure passed through the sky, he immediately turned into a purple-yellow divine light and flew towards the outside world.
Just as he was flying out of bounds, Zhang Jian’s heart moved when he saw a sudden roar of thunder deep in the sky and earth, and a magnificent stream of light flew out of it and fell into his hands.
At the same time, the origin of the jade glazed realm in his body also poured into the stream of light in his hand.
“This is”
There was something strange in Zhang Jian’s eyes, and he looked at this scene in surprise.
The treasure comes automatically, and this is the first time he has enjoyed such mythical and rumored treatment.
/It seems that his actions in the Jade Glaze Realm were not in vain.
Not caring about the treasure that suddenly flew in his hand, he turned around and looked at it.
In the increasingly turbid and collapsing world, many portals emerged from it. The huge demon portals turned into reality and began to attract the power of the Black Abyss Demon Realm, and began to erode the Jade Glaze Realm that had lost the ability to resist.
On the other side, dozens of white lights shot into the sky from the turbid blood.
That is the portal to heaven.
In the void, the stars of the South Dipper converged with the Emperor of Nine Suns. The power of the stars of the Big Dipper had defeated the incoming demons from the Black Abyss Demon Realm, and all kinds of extermination weapons were fully prepared.
At this time, looking at the dozens of extra rays of celestial light, the gods and gods were slightly surprised, but the eyes of Nan Douxing Lord Fu Yuan lit up and he shouted.
“Dear Star Lords and High Gods, since our Taoist friends have opened the portal to the heaven for us, we immediately put in our efforts to complete the destiny of purifying the world as soon as possible, so as to prevent the origin of the Jade Glazed Realm from continuing to pass away and fall into the hands of the demons!”
The immortals and gods nodded one after another. Naturally, they couldn’t sit back and watch the demons use this to increase their spiritual power.
At this time, rays of starlight bloomed from all over the stars in an instant, connecting to the ancient stars deep in the void of the sky.
Billions of starlights are drawn down from the void.
“Nandou injects life, divine needle for fixing stars, world-splitting awl, treasure lotus for overcoming tribulations, world-purifying bottle, and reincarnation millstone!”
“The Beidou is destined to death, the Star Flags, the Zhoutian Disk, the Dingyuan Divine Thunder, the Nine Nether Sky-Splitting Sword, and the World-Destroying Roulette!”
In the void, following the stars of the South Dipper and the Big Dipper, they used large-scale world-destroying immortal magic, and many heavenly soldiers and gods gathered around the stars to form two magnificent magic formations.