ou only know how to bully the weak and still refuse to repent. If it weren’t for me, the angel who came this time, maybe you would really succeed.” The

ou only know how to bully the weak and still refuse to repent. If it weren’t for me, the angel who came this time, maybe you would really succeed.” The
angel wailed, “My father is sure Anyone who is willing to redeem his life for me please have mercy on me.”
Li Yongsheng glanced at him indifferently, not even bothering to speak. He never thought of the commander shouting, “How can a person be resurrected after death?”
The messenger was stunned at first, and then died. The ground screamed, “Resurrection? As long as you spare me, my father can resurrect that true king!” The
commander was immediately overjoyed, turned his head to look at Li Yongsheng, and kept kowtowing, “Please let the immortal king make the decision.”
Followed. Compared to the upper realm, the Xuanqing plane was just a bunch of rubes. He was so excited when he heard that people could be resurrected after death.
Li Yongsheng said expressionlessly, “Resuscitate Lord Yousi and then what?” ”
Then” the commander rolled his eyes before he mustered up the courage to answer, “Then he also asked the immortal Lord to take this person away, the True God Sect. People are not big-minded, and staying here is also a disaster.”
“There is no need to save him,” Li Yongsheng shook his head and said calmly, “The heavenly law in the Xuanqing plane is incomplete, and there is no six paths of reincarnation. I barely managed to save Yousi, and he is no longer He died.”
To be honest, his impression of True Lord Yousi is not very good. The current civil strife in China is closely related to the inaction of the two palaces. You two palaces are very heartbroken after the death of True Lord Yousi. , did those innocent people deserve their deaths?
That is to say, before Zhenjun Yousi died, he was tough and did not embarrass the Central-Earth cultivators, so Li Yongsheng was willing to explain.
/“It can be saved,” the divine envoy shouted desperately, speaking at an alarming speed, “The True God Cult cultivates incense and becomes a god. With my father’s cultivation, he can be brought back to life without the need for the six paths of reincarnation!”
Li Yongsheng snorted coldly, ” You know nothing, there is no need for six reincarnations to bring back the dead. Do you know how much incense is needed?”
Then he glanced at the commander and found that this person still wanted to beg. He waved his hand and said unceremoniously, “I mean It’s decided, you don’t need to say anything. I said it before. It is not a bad thing for China to kill one or two true kings appropriately.”
He said this in an extremely cold-blooded manner. The Lord of Karma Hall immediately fell silent, not daring to say anything more. .
At this moment, someone suddenly shouted loudly, and a red light shot towards Li Yongsheng.
The one who took action was none other than the Three Divine Lords of the True God Sect. He had been blessed by the divine envoys and his combat power far exceeded that of others.
Of course, he also knew that he would definitely be unable to do anything to the I