ing, with an extremely lewd smile.

To be more precise, it was the handsome face of Butler Yu that stared at him without blinking an eye.
Okay, Lao Ba is about to start licking him!
“Xiao Zhu, how old are you this year? Where do you live? How many people are in your family? Which mountain sect you practice in? Is the leader beautiful?” Zhu Yi rubbed his hands and collected the information.
His surname is Lu and his name is Bei. He is male and likes girls. He lives in Sanqingfeng. He has a handsome political appearance. He has long-term rentals for the wife of the head of the house, concubines, maids and other prosperous shops.
If you have any questions, just ask them. I will confess them all in my heart. If you say anything, I will lose.
As a serious monk who was not flirtatious with women, Lu Bei had always been polite to LSP. When faced with Zhu Yi’s approach, he despised him and gave him an awkward and impolite smile.
He’s a little boy with a tight mouth.
/Zhu Yi’s eyes narrowed slightly. The glory and wealth were right in front of him. He had to give some clues to everything he said today.
In the early years, Zhu Yi and the emperor faced each other across the sea, and I always regretted that they passed each other. He was a man from a good family and not short of money. Later, he married his son and became his son-in-law. The woman was a master whose family background was better than his.
His wife was completely obedient to him, but she was annoyed that he spent his monthly pocket money outside to pick up girls. She couldn’t stand his sweet talk, and every time she threatened to cut off his financial resources, she ended up in a tough fight + a dead ghost.
To sum up, Zhu Yi is not short of money.
But then again, if the net is widely cast and cultivated universally, no amount of money will be able to withstand the bottomless pit.
As a lone wolf in love, Zhu Yi believes that the little white face is very particular about his bowl of rice. He cannot just eat soft rice when he is given soft rice, but must eat both soft and hard food.
Especially the economy must have its own small treasury.
Otherwise, once the madam manipulates him financially and the little white wolf loses its freedom and is domesticated and becomes a domestic dog that only wags its tail, the madam’s love for him will only gradually fade away.
This is the ultimate fate of dog licking.
/As for the trick of grinding and soaking, Zhu Yi is very confident in his body in the God Transformation Realm, but considering his wife’s strength in the Void Refining Realm, it is not a long-term solution.
In order to survive, he became a double agent, selling information about Huang Ji Zong to the royal family, and Huang Ji Zong selling information about the royal family. Together with his wife’s pocket money, he received five wages a month, barely making ends meet. Branch balance.
It’s no longer possible. Both sides are strictly guarding him. Intelligence work is getting harder and harder every day. The small treasury is about to bottom ou