Huai’s true appearance is like Meng Huai’s leap, and it is a very important node in Chu Weiyang’s eyes.

The outcome of victory or defeat has become a cause in Chu Weiyang’s eyes, an insignificant thing in itself.
Two days later, outside Tianning Daocheng, on Meng Huaizhen, this turbulent storm will truly turn into a fierce storm, completely submerging everyone’s body in it.
And almost quickly or slowly, in front of Chu Weiyang’s pretending to be unruly, more and more monks soon came to have insights and thoughts.
Especially when the communication between Chu Weiyang and Shangminggong Daozi from beginning to end was without sound cover. It was Shangminggong Daozi who endured the torture of poisonous gas and escaped into the distance. At the same time, in the direction where Meng Huaixiang had escaped, his figure came back and was clearly reflected in the distant sky. After hearing the conversation clearly, word for word, he came back again. Suddenly the figure disappeared.
Even though Meng Huaixiang kept all this very secret, the monk with extremely keen senses could still clearly see Meng Huaixiang’s figure in the distance.
Therefore, the cultivators couldn’t help but think about the reason why Meng Huaixiang had “transformed” earlier. Now that he thought about it, perhaps the stimulation of murderous thoughts by the cultivators in Shangming Palace was the top priority, and even the key to promoting the transformation.
So in such a situation, when Meng Huaizhen, who is the senior sister of Shanming Palace and Meng Huaixiang’s biological sister, is about to appear outside the Daocheng, as two extremely important characters in this vortex storm, Will they collide? Will something shocking happen in a way beyond the imagination of the world?
The moment they thought of this, all cultivators were shocked, especially those “ambitious” people who had plans, and even regarded Meng Huaizhen’s appearance two days later as a signal for the start of some kind of “feast”.
Therefore, when all the cultivators here are finished and dispersed, they will look deeply at Chu Weiyang.
From the beginning to the end, Chu Weiyang stood there looking arrogant and calm. He seemed not to have as many thoughts as the great Taoists, but just “simple” and “unsophisticated” to take advantage of this turmoil. He just took the opportunity to settle the cause and effect between himself and Shanming Palace.
He clearly didn’t say anything, but he just stood there, and the practitioners just watched and walked away, and this was the kind of realization he had.
After all, he is just a genius who was born as a casual cultivator.
/He knew clearly that Taoist attack methods were still at the top of the cultivators in the foundation-building realm, and they clearly had sharp edges. However, at this moment, anyone who looked at them seemed to see something from Chu Weiyang’s body. It’s “simple” and harmless.
Taoist Wudu seemed to suddenly lose his sharpness at this moment.
/It was a strange feeling. At this moment, it seemed that anyone could easi