nt spiritual lights suddenly condensed together.

Accompanied by the thunder of fireworks, a real sun of bloody flames hung high in the sky above the round land formed by the “pieces” and “aggregations” of the twelve main islands.
Under the bright hole of the blazing sun, everything on the island seemed to be disappearing into ashes. It was as if a piece of white paper that was originally full of wrinkles following the undulating mountains was stretched and flattened by a pair of invisible hands. Then, on that piece of paper On the flat white paper, the person left the pen and ink, and in the flash of a very light outline, completely new mountains emerged, and the gurgling clear spring water lingered among them.
Afterwards, a thin light red mist transpired, and the fairy mountain of Jiaohai Island increasingly revealed the aura of the Xuanjing of the Immortal Family. However, because of the light red color, there was even more evil in the misty fairy aura. different.
At some point, the bloody sun seemed to be slowly lowering in the sky, and then lowering again. Finally, the fireworks of the sun seemed to have touched the peak of the island’s fairy mountain.
/All these changes appeared in the eyes of Zhu Xiu, but they seemed to have happened in another distant world.
But somewhere in the dark, Chu Weiyang suddenly felt that this was not his illusion. That vast and vast world actually existed in the bloody sun!
Almost at the moment when Chu Weiyang’s thoughts emerged, in the bloody sun, figures with escaping light feet fell from it.
Suddenly, a figure appeared in front of Chu Weiyang and Qi Feiqiong.
It was a figure that Chu Weiyang couldn’t tell for a moment whether it was a monster or a human monk.
After looking at it for a while, Chu Weiyang saw that it was an evil cultivator of the Blood Demon Dao whose true Qi and blood essence had been affected by the demonic veins. His scarlet eyes seemed to have lost his soul and wisdom. At this moment, But he still maintained a certain hollow calmness. While standing in front of the two of them, when he spoke, he spoke in a strange and mechanical voice.
“The king rested early yesterday, and unexpectedly he was awakened by you all. However, the purpose of coming to Jingyuan Fairy Island was to hold a banquet. Since you have actually barged in, the king is hospitable, so you might as well go to the island and drink a cup of turbid wine. This is an apology for disturbing the king in his sleep.”
In the same place, Chu Weiyang and Qi Feiqiong were still a little confused, just pursed their lips and remained silent.
And almost at the same time, when three rays of blood suddenly exploded in the distance, the figure of the old Taoist Huanghua Sect stood in front of the islands.
But at this moment, the supreme talisman array was revealed, and Sumeru’s power turned into an iron wall, still isolating him.
At this moment, the old Taoist looked in amazement at the 12 main islands that had merged together, and at the bloody sun “lifting up” on the top of the mountains.