uddenly became very solemn when he turned his head to look.

As a great monk in the Golden Core Realm, she could naturally easily feel the Taoist energy displayed by Chu Weiyang.
If it were someone else, the fruits of Chu Weiyang’s various Taoist practices would be perfect and flawless, and they would all be intertwined and resonant with the supreme principles. Without being exposed, it would be difficult for others to sense anything from the distance.
/But now that Chu Weiyang has entered the realm of elixir womb, he has begun to practice the way of body training. The art of adapting movement and stillness is still a rudimentary creation. From the principles to the level of its own Taoism, it is far from the circle. There is an extremely long distance between being harmonious and free of leakage. Therefore, Chu Weiyang’s practice itself, on the contrary, due to its disharmony, the Qi of some Tao and Dharma teachings will inevitably be exposed.
Even if you are a great monk in the golden elixir realm, you won’t be able to directly see the subtle effects and see the original appearance of Tao and Dharma at the moment when you sense those flashes of cultivation energy.
But just this part of the Dao and Dharma energy that is sensed now is enough to touch the Dao Fruit of a great monk from Baihualou!
It is similar to the talent and emotion of the Taoist disciples of Tianjiao, and similar to Chu Weiyang’s “unexpected insights” from time to time. Even because of his cultivation in the golden elixir realm, this kind of feeling is even more… The reason is so high-minded and even more mysterious.
Almost as long as you feel something, it is destined to be reflected!
Moreover, almost as soon as Xiao Yuluo sensed those magical energy machines, such a mysterious feeling emerged from his mind. At the same time, as Chu Weiyang’s body arrived towards Baijie Yunfang, that tangible feeling The increase, decrease, and connection at the level of cause and effect have already been interconnected between Chu Weiyang and Baihualou Branch.
This kind of qi connection at the level of cause and effect is far more mysterious than the connection between Tao and Dharma. However, first of all, this is the face of a great monk in the Jindan realm, and secondly, she is also the great elder of Baihua Tower, so even at this moment, It was hazy and vague because of the mystery, but the connection itself felt very real.
Precisely because of this, Xiao Yuluo’s expression suddenly became solemn for almost an instant.
She pondered to herself, trying to deduce a deeper connection from all the details she felt.
As a great monk in the golden elixir realm, her intuition told her that the energy mechanism of that method was very unusual, and even had a connection that was far more mysterious than the connection of cause and effect.
But before Xiao Yuluo could continue to ponder something, Shi Yuting turned around from behind her and saw Xiao Yuluo’s thoughtful expression. For a moment, his own emotions changed, as if His thoughts were a little off t