ble. The slight sound of the sour teeth gradually getting chapped was still heard continuously.

Even if you are a great monk in the Golden Core realm, many things in this world still have limits.
And at this moment, suddenly, another Xumi Qi circled around Chun Yuzhi.
That was the revelation of the Tao and Dharma of Baihualou, but now it seems a little late.
There is a reason for this calculation. After all, Chunyu Zhi can move at will as long as he covers himself, lightly and nimbly.
/But even though all the eyes of cultivators in the world are now on the headmaster of the Five Elements Sect, there is still the headmaster of Shangming Palace not far away from Xiao Yuluo. What will happen on the Baijie Yunfang? Shi Yuting had to work hard to cover up the fluctuations and changes in his energy.
/Even if he is looking at the changes in the situation now, there may be no need to be so cautious, but Shi Yuting does not want to be careless. Many things in this world are like this. He often takes ninety-nine steps carefully, but because of the negligence of the last step, everything is ruined. Funeral.
At this time, the power of Sumeru was spinning around, and when he looked again, there was a Sumeru door opening.
At this moment, Shi Yuting no longer covered up.
The messy energy in front of the sea eye vortex is the best cover in the world.
Immediately afterwards, the dark gold-colored copper essence magic conch wrapped in the blazing dragon fireworks emerged from the Xumi door.
When looking at it now, nine streaks of orichalcum essence have been smelted into it. Whether it is from the outer appearance or from the inner Qi induction, it is difficult to see the true form of the Nine Yuan Snail Saint.
It is more like the outer shell of a Dharma conch made of purely melted precious materials. It is just accompanied by the occasional flow of spiritual light, and the numerous and extremely flowing langhuan seal patterns on it are reflected in the corner of the Tao diagram. At the same time, it illuminates the more ancient and sophisticated energy that far exceeds the supreme treasure.
That is the foundation of spiritual beings, an existence that truly transcends ordinary forms and qualities.
Of course, the smelting of the conch shell pagoda into this shape actually cost a lot of money. The sheer consumption of materials and time are part of it. When you look carefully at this time, you can especially see the dragon wrapped in the copper snail. In the fireworks, there is some real dragon-like meaning that keeps spinning around with the lingering eyes.
That is not something that the Dragon Demon Flame can do, let alone something that evil cultivators in the Dan Fei Realm of the Blood Demon Path can do.
There is such a mysterious manifestation, which means that in fact, during the smelting process, the evil cultivator of the Blood Evil Path has passively “voluntarily” burned the three elements of essence, energy and spirit, sacrificing the copper essence Dharma conch with his life and blood, so there is something in